According to many people taking a vacation is so out of reach financially. When I hear this I cringe inside because I know that this isn’t always true. Traveling doesn’t always mean expensive. Now don’t get me wrong I know that life takes us on journeys that make finances so very tight. Trust me, this I know for sure. As a mother of four I know planning a vacation can seem impossible to do with tight finances. Especially if you’re a single mother or father doing it by yourself. I’m here to tell you that it’s more affordable than you think. 

Each time I’m planning a vacation for bae and I or the for our whole squad, I tell myself that vacationing is made available for many budgets. Now this don’t count for every place on your bucket list. However many road trips, flights as well as hotel stays can all be done budget friendly. Just figure out your budget, your destination and use the internet to research until you find your results. I always use places like Vrbo, Homeaway, Airbnb which all allow you to choose your nightly stay amount and give you accommodations based on that budget.

It’s so possible! Don’t believe otherwise. I sometimes wish I could help those who feel it’s too expensive, find something of their interest within their budget. Sacrifices to save money must be made, but a little sacrificing for a trip is well worth it. Getting away is a must. Knowing you deserve a trip is a mindset everyone receiving income should have. I’ve taken three trips this year alone, all within my budget. 

See I’ve learned that even the simplest trip can bring you and your family amazing memories that makes sacrificing and taking the trip very worth while. Now go for it! Get out there and create those memories. Email me if you need help at lipstiknlashez@gmail.com. Together we’ll get you booked. I’ll definitely try my best.

I hope this post finds you well. It’s a new week to get shxt done. Great things are happening as we just had a new moon Friday. New moon, new energy, new blessings. I hope you’re open to receive them. I Am!

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Peace Love & Light 



Today as I was getting dressed bae was coming into the house laughing. I’m looking at him all crazy like damn what got you smiling and laughing so? He’s like bae why our son got mail coming now. I’m like what?! So he gives it to me and at that very moment reality hit me. My four year old turns five in July then school begins the last day of his bEarth day month. I immediately got a small dose of anxiety. Like, damn man, I’m so not ready for this yet. I see so much go on at theses schools that it seems it’s not many real caring village minded teachers anymore. That saddens me a lot. I mean don’t get me wrong there are plenty of great amazing outstanding caring teachers of course. I see many on social media and in my kids schools. However not many exist anymore. Many parents know this to be true, teachers too. 

I just wish I was a mother that could drop things to teach my baby at home at least until he’s in about fourth grade. He’s still so fragile to me. Sweet face and innocent nerve wrecking but still mommy’s baby so it’s cool. I know other moms reading this can agree to how I feel. We’ve all been here if we have kids. I have cried at all my boys first weeks or so. I mean you get pass the crying only to miss them so much that you’re waiting for the time to zoom by for them to get home only to ask them about their day. Eight hours away from home at his age and he’s not with granny or uncle is just a bit too much, right?. So that mail took me on a roller coaster ride. As you can see! 

I got it together and just calmed myself down said a prayer as I always do to get pass difficult moments. I’m okay with the school my sister helped me choose. He will be attending one of the Kindezi charter schools this year. Parents if you have a child currently attending a Kindezi school, please share what you think about the school. My oldest attended a charter school before and I loved everything about it except the amount of homework a child gets, daily. I felt it was way too much. When you begin homework at home after school and you aren’t done by bed time some times, that’s a shame. We got through it but sheesh. I’m ready for this new year with my stinky.  I’m low-key happy for him. #pettymom I can’t wait to see him in his little uniform though. Lmbo! That’s gonna be too cute. I feel the tears already! 

Looks like Atlanta is gonna get some rain at some point today. I’m here for it! Guess I’ll get comfy for the game coming on soon. Bae is ready for Lebron and his team to knock out GSW. What about you?

I hope your Thursday has been great thus far. See you back here soon. Happy Thursday! 

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Peace Love & Light



Today is the first day of June, which we all know marks the second half of the year. We are already six months down with only (yes only) six months to go. I mean we got here so quick which only goes to show just how fast time moves. As the saying goes, time waits for no one. So come on through June!

Currently I’m sitting here listening to one of my playlist on YouTube, the song that I’m vibing to right now is by Joss Stone and Nneka called Babylon. Oh how I love this song! I haven’t learned all the words but I be singing sounds. Can you say jam-ming! I mean this song makes me want to just sing dance and smile. I love it!

So far, I have already had my twenty minute yoga session. I did a beginners yoga session via YouTube that I have saved on my Yoga playlist. It’s very relaxing calming easy and I so needed it. Today is the first day of my vacation off with my boys. Two months of Summer together for the first time in more then ten years. Yayyy! I have a lot to get done in this little time so it will be a vacation plus work. But I ain’t mad though, I’m actually excited about the journey. I am also excited about this month as I hope to be done with my class and be on my way toward certification. Ooh, I can’t wait! So today, I’m jotting down some second half goals, getting some school work done along with a few other duties on the agenda. I’m loving this picture of me. My hair is so baddass on this pic. I’ve got to get me some curls soon. I love my straight hair but not as much as my curls. Yasss!

Messy curls who dis! 🙂


I hope June bring forward new blessings for you and your family. Wishing you nothing short of an amazing Thursday. Peace!

Love & Light




What’s up on this beautiful rainy Monday! Yeah, it’s raining in the A-T-L today and as of late. I feel it’s the old situations and bad vibes being washed away bringing in new energy, new opportunities, new blessings, new ideas, new thoughts, just good ole “new-ness” all over. Ase! Other than my hair being freshly washed and straightened I have no issue with this good rain right now.

Monday is a day that I have dread and despise for so long. I have been so over Monday’s and the thought of it. Until most recent I decided to beam in on my why’s for disliking Mondays. There it was, a clear over standing that it wasn’t Mondays that I’d been dreading, instead it’s been how I’ve been spending my Monday’s. I’ve been spending time doing works that have not been works of my own interest. Going to a job I no longer had not one interest in. Not allowing my wings to spread has been my reason for disliking Monday. 

 Monday has never done me bad so it’s only fair I do better. So I promise from now on to never allow myself to do anything that doesn’t feed my interest, bring me satisfaction or add happiness to my life. It’s not the way life should ever be experienced. So I’m done hating on Monday’s. I now know that when I get to see Monday full of life, breathing and able, I should bow in the presence, give thanks and shine bright like a diamond and make sure to encourage those around me to do the same. 

Monday represents a “fresh start” to me, the chance to start something new, or start something period. Saying all this to say, I have a new love and respect for Monday’s. Can’t wait to enjoy many more doing the things that I love. Good bye to Monday blues there’s no place here for you any more. Deuces!

 I hope your Monday is going well thus far. If you’re in Atlanta, I hope you are staying dry. Everyday is beautiful and a gift, that’s why they call it the present.

Happy Monday Luvz!



Recently I’ve ran across an Instagram post from a cool young lady that happens to also be a Yoga teacher. This post was about writing down on a piece of paper at least one good vibe that took place each week. Then placing it in any kind of container of your choice to keep and to reflect back on at any given time. Now this was not my first time seeing this, yet it was the first time it stuck to me, and enlightened me. I couldn’t wait to do it myself. 
So last week was my first week writing down my week’s good vibes. I chose last week to start because I had a bad experience with a family member and realized how good my life is outside of problematic people so I decided instead of focusing on this current situation let me begin my journey of collecting memories. So that’s what kicked off my journey. Instead of writing down one I did two. 

Now my reason for doing this is because a lot of times I don’t realize the blessings and good vibes that constantly flow in my life. So I figured every time I feel unsure, down or just out of flow, I could then reach into the jar and pull out some immediate good vibes, sweet memories that makes me smile and lifts me. Reminds me! I choose to write mines on sticky notes because they’re easy to fold and don’t take up too much space in the jar. 
Have you heard of this? Do it sound like something you’d be interested in doing? If so, good. If not,  why? That’s if you don’t mind sharing. It’s Saturday, I’m in good spirits, ready for what this day has to offer me. I’m flowing! Wishing you a great weekend lovez. 




The other day something made me go through my followers list on Instagram. As I was scrolling down the list I happen to see people following me that really don’t follow me. Feel me?! Like for me, I follow people I have an interest in whether that be fashion, real estate, beauty, motivational or just people I know or know about that again “interest” me. 

I honestly don’t over stand people who follow you for no reason. Just lurking!😂 Now of course there’s a reason and the reason is they silly. Like one girl follows me who cursed me out before, others who I had a friendship with that ran it’s course or just people I know ex’s who follow me. Silly ish! Then you do all this following but don’t hit like as if that’s keeping you anonymous. Really!? 

So I’ve come to know now that these type of people continue to follow you because you’re just so damn dope and full of awesomeness that they couldn’t go a day without seeing you on they’re timeline. Well I say this, hey girl, bye girl.🙋🏽😗 Like for realz though I hear it’s to keep up with your doings. How you doing, what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with. Sad! I mean honestly I rather believe it’s the first one (because of your dope-ness), but if it’s the last one I guess that’s sad. I mean damn I’m good. I’m still rising! I’m still fly! I’m still little ole me. The cool one!😎 

Ladies, do you have people just following you who never hits like, and people you no longer have dealings with? I’m asking for a friend.😏

It’s Hump day, middle of this awesome week. Wishing you nothing short of amazing. Let me know who’s following you.




Nowadays so many people are pushing exercise, body goals and health. So many people love talking about having a perfect body. Well my friends I’m here to tell you that’s no such thing. I mean people are shaped differently so everybody won’t look the same or be shaped the same. Plus what’s perfect for you won’t be perfect for the next because we’re all made up different.

I believe in a healthy body, yes. I believe in healthy body goals too. Healthy eating habits too. I don’t feel that a healthy body means super thin waist, no cellulite, perfectly shaped hips and of course no stretch marks. Hell no! I don’t feel that a perfect shape means a fat a*s with Kim K hips no thighs.😂 Hell no! I do however, feel that a healthy body is one that is at it’s proper weight. A body that is no stranger to being exercised. A body that is proportioned as it should be. Not this new mess that has 38 breast 18 inch waist, with a 42 hips. Like really!
Work on you the healthy way. When you’re working hard to transform your body through yoga, exercise and eating properly, you are also transforming your mind too. You’ll feel better down the line, from the inside out. You’ll be out of less money too. Not to mention a lot more healthier and happier about your overall healthy. You’ll be organic! Authentic! Not made up like Mr. Potato Head or Humpty Dumpty. #ijs Cellulite isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. It’s apart of having meat to your weight. Stretch marks are our tiger strips, our personal body art that tells our story about our weight journey our journeys into motherhood. Accept the natural-ness of things. It’s more beautiful than it’s given credit for. Love You fully!

I’m naturally slim-fine and even after four kids I still manage to struggle getting to my desired weight goal of 120. I can only achieve that weight during pregnancy until I get consistently serious and disciplined about my exercise regimen. Until then I’m good at 105. I accept me fully! My King accepts me fully, his hands are full and he lovez it. Stop allowing social media lies, your favorite plastic celebrity or your favorite Instagram model to cloud your thinking. Mind fking you into thinking they did squats instead of shots and surgery to attain their bodies which is pure lies. Know the truth, stop believing this crap. Stop now! Love and accept your whole self! Then work on yourself to get to where you wanna be with hard work and dedication. Nothing else! Not flat tummy tea or waist shapers nor pills or shakes. Pure werk!

📍Beyonce says: Tryna fix something but you can’t fix what you can’t see, it’s the soul that needs surgery. #prettyhurts📍
P.S.: No disrespect to those that get surgery, I personally just don’t choose to promote that. Health is wealth!😉
It’s a new week and that means a fresh start. A clean slate to trying again. New sunrise, new sunsets. Let’s make this week great. Happy Monday Luvs!✨