Hi Luvs,

When building a house you lay one brick at a time. Then before you know it you will look around and it’s time to pick out the paint colors for the walls as well as the flooring. This same thing applies to life, you set one goal at a time and knock it out the park. No matter how small or big it may be, if it’s a desire of yours then go after it. Once you take that first initial step you won’t believe what will happen next. How awesome you will feel. How proud of yourself you will be. How proud of you those rooting for you will be. Each one of us must crawl before we walk so don’t be afraid to start at the bottom. It’s only up you can go from there.

I know we tell ourselves that if we just had this amount of money or if this or that could just happen. Well guess what start first then look back and ask yourself if you’re glad that you went ahead and started crawling. I guarantee your answer would be a yes. Trust in yourself and go for it. Throw on your heels a sexy lipstik and go handle shxt. You got this!

Set goals and crush them! Have a great weekend you goal digger. I hope to see you back here on Monday!


Peace Love & Light



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