I have a four year old son who will be turning five this year which means he’ll also be starting school. I didn’t send him to Pre-K because for one I wasn’t ready, two I wasn’t ready and three I figured I’d teach him everything he needed to know at home. 

So I’ve worked with him on ABC’s 123’s as well as coloring inside the lines. He’s been taught how to write his name as well as how to recognize letters. We are currently learning to master the sounds each letter makes which is something my sister (who’s been teaching over ten years) told me he’d need to know as well. So last year we bought him a nice kid computer pad that helps us with teaching alphabetic sounds and more. Yay! 

He’s such a sponge, so ready to soak it all up. We’re working on tying his shoes too but he’s like ma this is so confusing.😝 Now, if he hasn’t learned the whole tying of his shoes by Summer I may need to rethink calling him a genius.😂 He’ll just be rocking some velcro shoes, that way he can just strap them up and go. See eazy peezy doggy squeezy. Yeah, he’s a paw patrol fan too. 


The last thing he must know before he starts school is how to wipe himself. As a mother I don’t like the sound of anyone having to wipe him so I’ll be sure to have him doing it himself before Spring. 

All in all I’m very proud of my little stinky. He’s such a cool, goofy as can be smart happy little boy. 

To all mother’s what has recently made you proud of your kid(s) lately? 

I hope this week brings along new exciting opportunities for you. Remember to enjoy the present while preparing for the future.  

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Peace Love & Light


3 thoughts on “PROUD MOMMY MOMENT | TINK

  1. He’s the cutest too!!! I’m working on teaching my son to tie his shoes too. Uugghh the frustration lol. It’s funny at times. I salute you in starting at home. I believe a lot of kids miss that and are just thrown into school for the teacher to do everything. I’m going to get a Leap Pad or something, so we can work on sight words too. I want him reading and writing before he enters and definitely wiping his own bottom. Motherhood I tell ya!! It’s a beautiful piece of work. I need to send my son over there with you all so Tink can help him. Lol they are little sponges and I totally love the fact that he wants to learn!!! Good job Mom!! Keep it up!!!

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    1. Awwwwe thanks suga! A beautiful piece of work it is and I wouldn’t trade it for nothing. Teach him everything bc he’s definitely ready to receive it. Thanks for reading and commenting. Xo😚


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