Sunday was my hair day so I did a wash and style on my hair. I washed it with my normal Head & Shoulders shampoo/conditioner with almond oil allowed my hair to air dry for about two hours then blow dried it on high for about five minutes to get it good and dry. Afterwards I tried out some bevel irons that I bought about two years about from Haute Look. The irons are by Brilliance New York it’s there Diamond Iron and they are on the more expensive side for some bevel irons in my opinion. NEwho when I first bought them I did not like them after one use I felt that they were not what I was looking for after my hair felt wet when I would run the bevel down my hair. I put them up and said whateva back to my regular degular bevel irons.


Fast forward to yesterday and I am in complete love with these bevel irons. I was about to purchase some Chi irons but something said go give those Brilliance New York Diamond Irons another try before you go to spending money, so I did. I am so damn glad that I tried these bevel irons out again. They are so great on my hair I mean it just glides down my hair and it seems to be keeping moisture in my hair because I can hear a steam kinda sound. However it does not make my hair feel wet though. It’s just perfect what ever it is doing because it looks great. It seem to have added a little shine too. Not to mention I just love the way my hair felt when I was done. Yasss!¬†

I paid about $50-$60 for them but they are originally $200. Click here to read more about them. I appreciate the fact that I can adjust the heat temperature careful not to burn my hair. Plus I also love the color. I know I would never pay the original amount for a bevel iron but for the price I paid they are dope.They are some damn good bevel irons.


So have you ever used them before? If you are interested you should search the internet to find them for a discounted rate like I did. That way you don’t have to spend so much on something you don’t know will perform the way you’d like it to. Ijs!


I hope this post finds you well. Happy Monday Luvs!



Peace Love & Light



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