So when it comes to makeup I absolutely love makeup but personally I’m pretty much a beginner at beating my face. Honestly I don’t know how to properly beat my face. I barely wear foundation and if I do I only go for a light coverage at most medium coverage. I don’t like hiding my freckles which are kinda light and not heavily pigmented so that alone keeps me from indulging in too much makeup. But when it comes to makeup I love lipstik very much. I love making my lips pop with a sexy lipstik color or on a none makeup kinda day I’ll go for some popping lip gloss. Every now and again I wear mascara but not too often.

So when it comes to buying makeup, lately I’ve been a bit thrown off because I’m trying to learn how to beat my face which means I need to acquire the products that it takes to do so. I’ve been buying things that just don’t match me or that I personally don’t like. Trial and error I guess you can say. My last purchase had me like damn because once again I bought some things that I saw work on my You Tubers but not on me. I guess now you are wondering exactly what it is that I bought. Well let’s see…


I wanted to try this new mascara which was a fail. It clumps and curls my lashes I don know but I plan to give this to my sis in law (she’s a makeup artist). The Elf makeup cloths are absolutely horrible to me. The fumes are too strong on the cleansing cloths and it burns my face and eyes so I immediately needed water after wiping my face with them. Other than they the do get the makeup off well. That Wet n Wild Megalast lip color is so awful to me it feels like glue it’s so sticky my lips feel depressed under this product. I don’t like it at all. Epic fail! The Elf Illuminating Palette is not for my skin color in my opinion so I am giving all of these products to my sis n law because maybe she can use them if not she can trash them. Moving on the what I did like was the Wet n Wild (black tube) lipstik is nice. I have one already so that’s why I tried this color. I like! The Salon Perfect lashes are so beautiful I absolutely love love love them. They make my eyes P-O-P baby! You betta know it. One of my favorite You Tubers and cousin (in my head) Iris Beilin wears them and swears by them so she made me want to try them I did and now I’m hooked. Cute right? Yasss! Can you say five head on fleek.


Moving right along to last but not least the

L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Gloss is so nice and soft and moist but still matte. I love it and plan to buy the other colors as well. I have it on in this pic right here.


Such a pretty soft pink color that feels so light weight on your lips. I like! So overall I guess I will rate this purchase on a scale of one through ten I’d say 4 or 5. At least I found my lashes and that pro matte gloss. Oh and I purchased these items from Walmart.  

Have you used any of these products? If so, which one (s)? I hope your day is going well. Happy Thursday


  1. I love your flow and I normally use the same lipstick but not matte gloss. Kind of afraid of how it might on me. Your pushing me to purchase some in a different color.

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