Lately I’ve been thinking to myself about how much money I spend with my win black people or just black owned businesses period and my answer disturbed me. No where near as much as I tend to spend every where else. So I thought to myself that I indeed needed to change that immediately. So to make me feel better I couldn’t wait until the new year to put my order in with Elleven, LLC. See I’d been thinking to myself that I wanted to place an order with her but I never got around to sending the damn email until the last week of December. After I’d put in my order I felt good and that was the feeling that I’d like to have more often from now on. Yes!



A few days later I was getting the message saying that we could link up for me to get my order. As you can see they are so damn perfect. I mean pure nice-ness! The colors are as I asked and the beads make it feel so black, so me. I plan to wear the love out of this set. I also plan to order more, soon. Her name is Larissa and her Instagram page is @pathelleven. Her prices are affordable and easy on any budget. Her service was great as well I’ve known her for years and she really is cool beans.



 From the bag to my arm. No time wasted!



A sista was in need of a few new bracelets and I was able to get a nice set of three from my girl La. She is an awesome awaken spirit who I enjoy reasoning with on any topic. We can go on and on. Hit her up and let her pour some of her creativity into you something dope. Shout out to those fly colors in my bracelets. Yea, yeah! Until next time…



Peace Love & Light




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