This is a REpost on my Wix blog from August/2016. I decided to REpost this because today I wore each one of these items except the lipstik and though to myself Wow. REpost it!

When I call something a favorite of mines it’s usually because I can’t go too long without it. When I think of my favorites, things come to mind like waxed eyebrows, cherries, lipstik, lashez, glitter, oh and my man.­čśť There’s more but I’ll just stop it right there. I can go all damn day but you get the point I’m trying to make here.

Lately I’ve been stuck on these few items that I just can’t shake. I will purchase more when I run out but for now I’ good.


I find myself reaching for these products everyday as of late. I just love the Shimmer Mist from Bath & Body Works that I got around my born day this year. It smells so damn good. Unh! I’ve had a few shimmery products & my last favorite was a shimmer brush that worked wonders by Black Radiance.

 These shades from H&M have been such a life saver against the sun in the mornings & afternoons.

┬áThe L’Oreal True Match Lumi Liquid Glow Illuminator that gives my nose a sexy sweet glow that I love. I have not put this down since I got it about three months ago. << I literally still wear this every damn day to this day.┬áLiterally! I’ve now started to use it to highlight under my brows to and even finger blot it onto my eyelids just a bit for a hint of shimmer glow.

┬áI’ve been into the smaller earrings lately so of course I’m loving these H&M Faux Pearl Earrings. Simple and cute.

┬áThis NK Lipshine is the perfect lippie as of right now. It’s soft matte & it does not dry your lips out or crease. It was a gift & I am in love with it. Thanks Rek!


Chanel Tendre is such a beautiful breath of fresh air. It’s so classy poetic & just overall one of the best smells ever. Hmm hmm mmm! I-love-it!

So what have you been stuck to & unable to keep away from lately? Have you ever used any of the products I have pictured? All in all these are still my favorites, Ain’t Shxt Changed.

Peace Love & Light



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