I got this perfume a while ago Lam bought it for me. I’d mentioned to him that I wanted it so when he came home with it I was very happy & couldn’t wait to smell it on myself. I’d only smelled it from my magazines. It’s the Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium which was definitely a great buy for only $115 before tax at Macy’s. I love it!

I get plenty of compliments on this bad baby. It’s said to have white flowers of jasmine sambac & vanilla beans for smell. It smells very floral yet woody too. A great mixtureof both with a seductive type of tang to it. That description tho. (–) The slogan they have for it is pretty dope too. It goes “Black, not a color, an attitude” Hey now! I can feel that baby! So yes, this has been added to my constant growing perfume collection.

 Have you ever smelled it before? Your thoughts if you have?

What are you wearing right now, today?

Peace Luvs!


  1. Sounds like it smells good!!! I love anything vanilla. I haven’t bought me any expensive perfume in years. Had to cut back on spending, but today I’m wearing that Euphoria “type” body oil. 😂😂😂

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    1. Today im wearing Chanel Mademoiselle. But I am in major need of some new oils. I love quite a few. Oh and ain’t nothing ever wrong with cutting back.😉


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