So I have a few new goodies that I am so excited about. They are my new natural goodies that were gifted to me. They came all the way from Oregon to Atlanta for little ole me. This soap is a natural Glycerin Body Bar by Uncommon Scents at that says oatmeal and it also looks like oatmeal which I love. It a moisturizing soap for sensitive to dry or even normal skin so basically it’s for everyone. It does not carry a smell other than a lite oatmeal scent.

Now this candle on the other hand is absolutely amazing. I am a candle and flower woman all day long. However I don’t usually buy natural or soy candles I just buy candles period if the price is right and the smell is on point. However I’ve been looking at the website and I must say I will be purchasing more very soon. This candle in particular is made from Cucumber Wasabi and Cilantro it smells so good and yummy. It is made by Yo Soy Candle at

Be sure to click the link to see if anything on their site interest you too. I can’t wait to bathe this weekend and try this soap and relax in my living room doing my homework while this candle smell up the room.

Happy Friday!

I hope everyone have a safe and relaxing yet productive weekend. See you back here on Monday!

Peace Luvs!

Bella 💋

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