I have been using this Radha Organics Moisturizer & Cleanser that I got from my last Cocotique Beauty Box. In case you haven’t heard about Cocotique they are a brown girl beauty box subscription company that sends out nice brown girl friendly products to you every month for a flat rate of $20 monthly. If you are interested in a beauty box with them go to Cocotique and sign up. 

Any who so about this Radha Oragnics, I use the Cleanser in the shower click here to read about it. I love the way it smells. It’s just a fresh smell an organic smell it reminds me of Nubian Heritage soaps that I enjoy using. It doesn’t lather up much but I squeeze one pump apply to my face/neck leave on for a full minute or two then rinse. My face feels instantly fresh and it gets my makeup (light coverage) off too. 


After the shower I use one pump of the Moisturizer (click here to read about it) and it feels fresh smell fresh and it’s not greasy. My skin feels nice afterwards. Nothing spectacular just a nice fresh organic moisturiser. I like both products but honestly I’m just a water rinse coconut oil or Cetaphil for my daily use kinda chick. I don’t use lots of products, I just like to try them out. 


Luckily I have nice skin all the time. So I don’t complicated my life about particular skin products because simple things do the trick like olive oil and even vaseline. Aside from under eye darkness my skin is perfect. However, I’ve become accustomed to under eye darkness. Any who, will I buy I buy this product, yes, as long as the price fits my budget at the time of purchase. For me you really can’t go wrong with organic products in less for some reason your skin just don’t like it other than that they are the better products for us all.

Have you tried Radha Organics before?🤔 If so, which ones (s)?🤔 It’s the weekend Falcons are about to turn TF up AND WIN this game. I hope your weekend be lit/cool/relaxing/productive you know, all that. Happy Fridays Luvs!✌ 

It’s Super Bowl 51 baby!🏈

Peace Love & Light

Bella 👄

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