January has been a very trying month for my household. My fiance experienced two deaths this month. One on each side of his family, one favorite cousin/brother and one close cousin. Very sad time for him, for us. We even had to actual plan the first one. It was sad and unexpected. So that alone still weighs heavy to this day on us. So basically I’m ready for January to get the hell on. I’m ready for February, I’m ready to get through this confusing winter weather and get back to pure warmth, everyday. Spring, Summer come thru!😜

February, not only one of the coldest Winter months, let’s get this one over with.😩 Please and thank you! But February bring me to three celebrations that I enjoy celebrating. One is my oldest son turn a new year in February and this year is the big 18 years old for him, yes I have an 18 year old. My bonus daughter turns 21 this year, she’ s legal (drinks on her, no j/k 😂), and the amazing Bob Marley has his day very close to my sons day. Anyone that knows me know that I am a huge Bob fan. So yeah February ain’t all bad with cold as it brings a lot of happiness to my life too. So that said HELLO FEBRUARY! Oh and I forgot my city is in the Super Bowl this year, yeah them Falcons baby. I really think this win will be ours, as we are so overdue for it. Waiting on Sunday like 🏈💁🎉. Who do you predict will win? 🤔 As you can see I didn’t mention Valentine’s day because everyday in my household is a 💜 day. So it’s not huge to me as it may be to others.😏


That alone made this year’s February much more special to see my city so happy and so ampted up about the Super Bowl. Everyone was a bit thrown off to see Trump get into office with no political background but I see that the Falcons has all that on hold for now. It’s all about sports in my city. I don’t care about the whole Trump madness. As long as I am alive and well I am covered like Geico by the Most High so I don’t worry about Presidents as they are important but no enough to have my panties in a bunch. All day, everyday. Any who I’m blessed to see another month and you should be too. April is not far away and I turn the big 3-5 this year. Yasss!

What is it that you like about February? Are you too a Bob Marley fan? Wishing you nothing short of a great day. Happy Wednesday!👄

Peace Love & Light



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