So it’s officially been a week plus of me being a WordPress user and I must say so far, so good. I started my blog with Wix in 2014 and I never really liked how my blog template looked or the price I was being charged for using the site. So after coming across so much information that spoke so well of WordPress every single time I read about blogging platforms. Annnd, after getting a critique on my blog and got told a few things I’d already felt. I decided to do what I’d been wanting to do which was switch my platform from Wix to WordPress. So I did! I must say that I am very glad that I did so.


So first thing’s first I love my template. It’s so simple nice fresh and sleek. The price is so cheap. I went from paying $20 monthly to a flat $35 yearly. I plan to upgrade my plan soon  so a few dollars more but it still equals out to being more money spent over there. Now I was a bit worried about my small emailing list and wondered if I’d get new subscribers and followers. Hell worried if anyone would wonder what the hell she got going on and not read anymore. Ugh! Overthinking shxt is my middle name.😫 

Well guess what, I am not worried at all because I told myself this was a new beginning for me. So I am here for it and ready to receive all the greatness this new space has coming. New subscribers/followers, inspiration and a lot of engagement. I also hope to be able to monetize one day soon and make it a business. However I am so far from that  right now. I think! Maybe not! I am more closer to it than I’ve ever been. (affirming it)🙏

So for now, I am glad I made the change and I love things over here including the easy access to other people’s blogs. Engagement! Money well invested!

Here’s to my first week. To all those that have read, liked and commented so far I appreciate you. Many thanks to you!

Now off to cook dinner for my family. Happy Wednesday!

Peace Love & Light



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