So every year on the blog during “Income Tax” season I like to encourage anyone reading to spend your money wise. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in “acquiring things” that you don’t realize how much things can cost. Things will cost you so much of your money that before you know it you have nothing left to to save or invest. Only things. Very very sad!👎

At all ages saving is great and very beneficial. However it’s a lot greater and even more beneficial being older with and having a savings cushion. In a single family household whether one parent or both a minimum of 3k should be sitting somewhere collecting interest or dust because it’s not being bother only added to. See many of us are not familiar with saving money but we got to learn. We are able to learn and do well with money regardless of past money issues. It’s very possible and it depends on how important having a savings cushion is to you. To me it’s a form of extra security and who doesn’t want security. It’s important for sanity purposes knowing you have an emergency fund. Hell it’s important period. Take a second to just imagine it. It’s so worth it I promise you. Get into it and thank me later.🤗

As adults we alone are responsible for our present as well as our future. There are many ways to invest in yourself or your household. Investing can be anything from fixing your credit, paying down credit cards and paying off bills. Paying current bills up like insurance, car notes, mortgage etc., is also a great way to invest in yourself. Only you know what needs to be done. So just do it! Do some responsible adult-ing this year with your money.

Also if you want to travel but can’t during the year due to tight finances, use your funds to invest in yourself a nice budget friendly yet fun vacation. You so deserve it! What ever you do just be able to look around later this year and be okay with how you spent your money. Have more than just non valuable things. That’s all! And this post is only for those that needed to read it and hear it and be told this.

I was once the person with no cushion until I got wise. But that was after being without a cushion and seeing how it feels when you’re down to nothing and need something for your kids or self and can’t ask anyone. So after getting help and having to be told and helped from my best friend. Now I save without needing to be reminded or told and I rather save more than I spend. It just makes me feel better that way. Anything can always happen so if it ever does I’d rather have something like that 3k I spoke about earlier than nothing at all. A little security goes a long way!

As always I am here to encourage motivate inspire learn and share. Happy Wednesday Luvs!

Peace Love & Light


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