So I got another set of bracelets from Ms. Larissa at Path Elleven LLC. She pulls up looking fly in her red black green crochet crown bringing me another set of her creative pieces that she makes. Each piece made personally for you. No two the same. She made these as a gift and I absolutely love them. I’m sure I’ll be rocking them often.
Favorite combination colors ever! #mamaafrica

Here is her information for you to head over and place your order. You can even purchase her creations whether it be a bracelet necklace or earring set as a gift to make someone else smile. Anywho!

Be sure to link her on Instagram. I’ve known her for many years. She’s very down to earth (🤔who came up with down to earth?😅) creative and cool as ever! She has affordable prices too.🤗

Okay sooo, what you waiting for go ahead and get your wrist fix with some creative dope pieces made with love. Tell her Bella sent ya.

Oh hey! I’m just waiting on my sistah Larissa to pull up with those creative goods she got for me. Happy Wednesday Luvs! 😉

Peace Love & Light

Bella 👄


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