So I got my Ipsy glam bag for January I think it was and they’d given me this beauty called Naked Cosmetics Desert Sunset. I’m unsure of what the makeup name for this product would be but if I had to guess I’d say some type of highlighter. It’s glittery shimmer and I love me some glittery shimmer. What you think love it or leave it? 

I say love it! I haven’t used it yet but I plan to on my up and coming trip. I plan to use it on my eyelids, my upper chest area (yes I said my upper chest😂) and I guess on my highest points of my cheek bones kinda. I guess! Ion kno! But I’ll be sure to share a cute pic or two with it on. 

Have you used this product before? If so, where did you use it? I’m more of a lipstik n lash kinda lady so I’m such an amateur when it comes to makeup product knowledge. I’m interested tho, mainly in knowing how to make my own face up. Put ah glam beat on my own face! Ya know! So I’m thinking that would require a little product knowledge. Any who!

Are you following me? If so, I absolutely adore you. If not, 😤 Really? Okaaay, well it’s not too late just do it now. It’s easy peezy doggy squeezy. Yeah I have a four year old who says this all the time.😅 Any who, I hope all is well on this beautiful Wednesday. Until next time.

Peace Love & Light

Bella 👄


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