So this is a mommy post. I was inspired to write this post because of something I seen on television. Okay so if you’re a parent then you already know that being a parent is one of thee most rewarding yet challenging duties you’ll ever have. Beautiful and exciting! And nerve wrecking at times too. Yet as a parent (mother) it’s your duty to carry give birth and raise another human teaching them values, discipline, not to take no shxt and how and why they must love themselves and others. Etc. 

In my opinion being a mom is a blessing something that all wombman can’t do naturally or at all. We must know and realize that it shouldn’t be taken for granted. 

After all why even get pregnant with a child that you have no desire to love them pass the length of time a man or the (father) choose to love you. Really?!. The child deserves more. It don’t take a woman or man to have multiple children only to realize they don’t enjoy being a parent. Hell you should realize that after one. Or to realize you wasn’t really ready. So you then give them away to hang out run the streets lust and do you while someone else is left to raise your kid (s). Man that’s just not cool to me. 
Then later on in life you say you want more kids🤔🤔 Oh, really!? How?! Now I’m not judging just stating my very own opinion. And, in my opinion it’s not right to have kids give them away or leave them on someone else and just up and have more later to test drive motherhood again to see “IF” you’re ready for it or not the next time around. Tuh! 
I’ve been a mother since 17 and while being young it was sometimes difficult but overall it’s been great exciting nerve wrecking and a blessing all in one. The way my motherhood set up I wake up in love with my four everyday. My oldest is rebellious and has made me want to break his neck but I don’t because after all he’s my son and I absolutely love him and he must live his journey make mistakes learn and grow.

That being said, I just can’t quite overstand when woman have them and give up on them for no legit reasons. But I guess it’s not for me to overstand as many things aren’t. So be it! 

I hope your weekend was relaxing but it’s Monday now so let’s get it. I’m getting prepared for my trip coming up. Yep I have an Anniversary to enjoy with the King in my life. Wishing u a marvelous Monday.

Good day Luvs!


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