Every day for the pass six years I’ve been blessed with true down right love. I mean good soul touching heart felt love. Goose bump hair stand up God fearing  type of love. Love that knows you’re far from humanly perfect but see your spiritual perfection. Love that except you as your true non-conforming abnormal introverted self. Love that wipes your tears and make sure you never cry those tears again.❤

Love that teaches. Love that grows. Love that see the best in you when you see the worse. Love that carries you when you can’t carry yourself. Love that gives you forehead kisses with closed eyes. Love that sings to you. Love that communicates effortlessly. Love that dances to the beat of your drum and might bust a rap flow to your tune here and there.💛

Love that takes your hand and lead the way. Love that brings about balance and peace. Love that shows you daily how special you are. Love that’s patience because it’s knows y’all have the rest of your lives together. It’s that sweet unconditional love that gives you wings.💚

This is my everyday Love story. My daily relationship truth! Happy Anniversary to Me/Us !! Many more! 💜🎈🎉🍾✨👫🎆💐

Bella 👄


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