So I know it’s been a while and I have not been posting but I’ve been literally going in circles mentally. Getting my chakras in order. Clearing my head space. Shedding! See I am not on my proper path business or career oriented. Yet I want to be. It’s all been due to me neglecting me. Neglecting the process and not applying myself. I’ve been over thinking and not doing. I told myself in 2016 that this year I was going to do some things that not every one around me will agree with. I told myself that I was gonna really go after some of my personal endeavors. Now I’m not sure if every thing that I want to do will blossom like my living room plants have, but I’m most certainly willing and ready to give them a try. I just know that by the end of this year I will be thankful that I listened to that inner voice in my head. Ya know!!

I keep seeing this particular meme that says something to the tune of if you want new results you can’t keep doing old shxt expecting to get new results. So I am leaving my comfort zone that can’t give me the new results I’m looking for. I’ve learned the comfort zone can leave us un-full-filled or at least un-attained, un-stretched. Our comfort zone provides us with things we are used to verses a challenge that can expose us to bigger new and better if we allowed ourselves to just step outside of that comfortable ass box. This is my year to explore what’s outside of that box. I feel good about the seeds that are being planted. I’m trying to do new things, ya know things that’ll open my eyes inspire me and broaden my network. As well as to help me grow more in business and entrepreneurship. Yasss!💅

So far 2017 is being good to me. I’ll continue walking by faith and not by sight. Ya know, allow the Most High to order my steps. I am very unsure of this new journey, but hey, I Am So Here For It. 

I hope your Monday was great to you. I hope your Tuesday be even better. 😚

Peace Love & Light 


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