This year I told my fiance that I plan to do some new things. When I say new things I mean dining at restaurants I haven’t tried yet, going to places around my city that I haven’t been to yet and connecting more with the people I enjoy vibing out with. Getting out doing me more. Ya know!💁🏽

So I recently got invited to a birthday dinner by my friend Yoginigurl.✉ She’s a cool ass hippie Pisces that share a bEarth day with my older brother. I’ve known her since school days. Her celebration dinner was at Agatha’s | Comedy Murder Mystery Dinner Theater. I’d never been to Agatha’s before so I was pretty excited to try it out. 

Instead of going on a long drown out spill I’ll just some it up and make it simple and to the point. I really enjoyed myself there, it was pretty cool and laid back. I’m so glad that I didn’t dress up like I was going to do. It was a pretty simple casual kind of place. The bar had pretty much everything you’d want but my drink was a Captain’s Choice which consisted of Captain’s Morgan Rum, Peach Schnapps, Cranberry juice and Pineapple juice on the rocks with a 🍒 on top. So good! I also had a shot of Hennessy. Not to mention a complimentary glass of 🍷 that comes with your meal. The food consisted of a 5 course meal which included Hor d’oeuvres, Soup, Salad, Entree and Dessert. The food was great which I did not expect from the website menu pictures. The comedy was okay but the comedy the ambiance and cool crowd members make it all the more fun. It was $73 for the show Once Upon A Murder. The show is 2 plus hours long. So be sure to get comfortable.😫

Overall, great experience! I’m glad I was invited. Any who here are a couple of cool ass pics we took.📸

My favorite Yogini. Check her out for private yoga lessons, meditation and more. She’s dope! Her Instagram is @yoginigurl. Hit her up!😉

Have you ever been to Agatha’s before? If so, how did your experience go? Happy Monday!😉

Peace Love & Light

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