This year I choose to do more of what I love. Do more of what brings joy to my life, things that creates peace more happiness and pique my interest. So I’m doing more. More networking, more relationship building, my teaching, more listening, more yoga, more planting, more lashing, more out-door-ing, more creating and most of all more growing. 
This year I chose to stop fueling someone else’s vision and hell, work on just what my own sight been seeing, my own vision. I’m ready to be doing something that I really enjoy and love doing. So I’m going to cater to my vision. I’m building! From nothing too. I’m preparing to live outside of my current norm. I’m planting this season so I can reap by the next. Ya know?!! 

I’ve learned that when it’s time for you to grow and you avoid doing so. You only make you (the disobedient one) more uncomfortable and more miserable. If we can just change one thing we do daily that stresses us and fill that time with something that will bring joy and interest, we will then be illuminating that which no longer serve us, which then, creates more hapiness more growth, more reasons to be more proud of you (the smart one).

What are you choosing this year? What exactly have you changed about your norm? I hope this Monday is being good to you. So far, so good for me.✨

Happy Spring!🌹🌞

Peace Love & Light 


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