Hola Senoritas,

So I told you previously about Path Elleven jewelry business. It’s owned by a cool woman named Larissa Johnson. She’s the Founder as well as the Creator of such dope pieces of jewelry. I personally have a thing for beaded jewelry. I also have a thing for affordability. 

I’ve ordered quite a few things from her and I have not had not one problem with my items she’s created according to my color scheme. She awesome. I’ve loved everything I’ve gotten. Larissa is a new business owner with plenty creativity to express to the world. 

My girl is werking! She’s building brick by brick and I love watching, supporting and being inspired by the journey. Put your orders in and support her while she keep you popping in nice couture pieces. Let her create for you too. 

What do you think about my dope ass earrings ladies? Popping right?!💁🏽 I know. 

My man loved his bracelets. He said thanks babe, these here proper.🤗 Check out Path Elleven on Instagram. 

Happy Thursday Luvz! 

Peace Love & Light


2 thoughts on “EARRINGS & THINGS

  1. Bellllllla!!!!! I’m about to cry!!!! I am so appreciative of you and your ongoing support. You’re the bomb boo!!!! Those earrings look good on you too!!!!! You’re so beautiful. Inside/Out 😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍

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