So this year the boys had a choice between Disney World in Orlando FL or a FL beach house to hang out in for Spring Break 2017. They chose good ole Tennessee mountains which I should have expected. I mean that place has fun on overload and they are so addicted. So we planned a nice fun getaway to the Tennessee cabins. So Tuesday we were packed and ready to kick start our family spring break-cation.


We stayed at Lookout Ridge with Jackson Mountain Homes cabin rentals. I of course looked for a cabin that offered a game room for the kids. So this cabin came with foosball, air hockey as well as a theater room with a 75 inch a bedroom and bathroom along with a deck and bar area all on the lower level of the cabin. I mean the boys were so entertained that we barely saw the rascals. They had all they needed plus more on the lower level. They couldn’t stop competing on the game or in air hockey and even the 4 year old can play air hockey. Seriously! I mean I couldn’t believe how good he was too. I haven’t even mentioned the hot tub on the second floor that kept them from missing out on a swimming pool which I tried to find but couldn’t for the time we were staying. They love water so the hot tub totally came in handy.


My boys, three out of four.😍


I guess they were sun bathing!πŸ€—

Now the Pigeon Forge strip that is packed with fun over load was just the extra icing on their Spring Break-cation. They had loads of fun on the strip and even got to eat at their favorite buffet, Golden Corral which I happen to not care for but I had a great salad twice along with two fried pieces of chicken that were freshly fried when I’d arrived. They were stuffed after leaving there and ready to get back to the cabin.


Hold up now, the kids weren’t the only ones that enjoyed themselves. Duh! I mean Lam and I always make sure that we enjoy our stay too. We had the upper level which was a loft style as it looked over the second level. It came with an entertainment room with pool table which we like to play. Oh and that isn’t it either.


Β I need to get better with playing pool. Lam on the other hand is great!

Our master suite consisted of a jacuzzi tub in the corner of the bedroom, a wrap around t.v. for a tub view while soaking along with a walk in bathroom. We couldn’t ask for more. However we also had a nice deck with two rocking chairs. We got to watch the sun rise and set from our deck. Great view and all that! So yes we had a great time too! When the kids were sleep the whole cabin became ours from the top to the bottom.😏 Shooting pool, hot tubing, playing cards, good drinks, good music and soaking in the Jacuzzi. That’s grown folk type of fun!

So just to sum up our Spring Break according to the boys. It was Lit!!! We had so much fun mama, we had three much fun.πŸ˜‚ Lam and I have to agree! It’s always a pleasure visiting the Tennessee mountains. We’re sure to be back soon.

What did you do for Spring Break? How did you enjoy yourself during the week. It’s still my born day month. I wish you the best week ever. Let’s conquer our weekly goals. Happy Monday!

Peace Love & Light


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