Hey Ladies,


Lately I’ve been rocking my hair curled when I have time to do so. For those of you that know me or follow me on social media can easily see how much I love my hair straightened. However lately I’ve been really loving my face, look and hair in curls. It make my hair look very nice and full. The curls are always so vibrant and bouncy. Now I do have a problem with them lasting long but I hope to eventually find something that can help them last longer.


Yasss bih yass!


So far I use a heat protection by Chi, and I use my beveling iron on 375 to achieve the look. Voila!


See why I love these Curls for the Girls?! They are so pretty plus they make me feel more sexy. Oh and my man thinks their pretty on me too.

Do you wear curls? If so, what is it that you do to make your curls last? Let’s chat about it.

Today is my last day on vacation, so back to work for me tomorrow. I’m not excited about it, but I’m cool with it. Can’t wait to be working, doing what I love because I know only then will I be excited about my work days. I’m getting there too, this year.  

I hope this Monday is going well for you.


Peace Love & Light


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