As you may already know today is the first day of May and I must say that the weather has been pretty nice. I know that I’ve been missing from my blog for a while but you know what, I have so much I am trying to figure out and focus on that I have not allowed myself to make time for blogging. I haven’t been writing the way I usually do or like to either. So I decided to stop all of that today. This month is the beginning of Summer for the kids as they will be getting out of school for their Summer break. My friend has a son that is graduating college in about a week and I am invited to party with them. My second son turns fourteen this month which I am very thankful for. He also finishes his last year of middle school this month. So off to high school he goes in August. Whoop!

I look forward to all of these things that are due to take place this month. I hope you too have a lot to look forward to this month. Today marks my last days as a corporate employee. I have been in the corporate world at my current job now for a little under ten years. So yes, I am so glad to say that I am finally leaving it all behind to do more of what interest me. I’ve nurtured someone else’s dream and business for so long that it’s time to start working on my own. It’s time to start doing me, mind body and soul.

May is already treating me well. So many blessings are coming to me in May. So many new opportunities as well. And. I am here for them all. 

I hope that this blog post finds you well. I wish you a great month full of your hearts desires. I plan to stay more active with my blog instead of neglecting it as I’ve done lately. Thanks for reading and sticking around. Happy Monday Luvs!💋

Peace Love & Light


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