Change is good, and it’s necessary. I see these memes a lot on social media that speak a lot about growing and elevating to the next level. They talk about how one must be ready and willing to leave behind a few old people and old situations before they can elevate to the next level. Memes that talk about how change is inevitable. I now know that when it’s time to change, life will make you so very uncomfortable. 

Uncomfortable enough that you will have to remove yourself from that which no longer serves you well. Whether it be in your relationships, environments as well as other areas in your life. Things that no longer add to your happiness should not be apart of your life. 

Life is about changing, growing and getting better. Those you start with may not be at the finish line with you. It’s life! Things change. People change. Feelings change. Business change. Situations change. 
I now promise myself to always separate from anything and anyone that drains me or causes me to act or feel off my vibes. Anywho!

Speaking of change this week makes 3 more weeks left before my journey changes. I’m so excited, anxious and very grateful. I wish you an amazing week ahead. I hope this week brings you new opportunities and blessing that you’ve been waiting for. Happy Monday Luvs!



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