Nowadays so many people are pushing exercise, body goals and health. So many people love talking about having a perfect body. Well my friends I’m here to tell you that’s no such thing. I mean people are shaped differently so everybody won’t look the same or be shaped the same. Plus what’s perfect for you won’t be perfect for the next because we’re all made up different.

I believe in a healthy body, yes. I believe in healthy body goals too. Healthy eating habits too. I don’t feel that a healthy body means super thin waist, no cellulite, perfectly shaped hips and of course no stretch marks. Hell no! I don’t feel that a perfect shape means a fat a*s with Kim K hips no thighs.😂 Hell no! I do however, feel that a healthy body is one that is at it’s proper weight. A body that is no stranger to being exercised. A body that is proportioned as it should be. Not this new mess that has 38 breast 18 inch waist, with a 42 hips. Like really!
Work on you the healthy way. When you’re working hard to transform your body through yoga, exercise and eating properly, you are also transforming your mind too. You’ll feel better down the line, from the inside out. You’ll be out of less money too. Not to mention a lot more healthier and happier about your overall healthy. You’ll be organic! Authentic! Not made up like Mr. Potato Head or Humpty Dumpty. #ijs Cellulite isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. It’s apart of having meat to your weight. Stretch marks are our tiger strips, our personal body art that tells our story about our weight journey our journeys into motherhood. Accept the natural-ness of things. It’s more beautiful than it’s given credit for. Love You fully!

I’m naturally slim-fine and even after four kids I still manage to struggle getting to my desired weight goal of 120. I can only achieve that weight during pregnancy until I get consistently serious and disciplined about my exercise regimen. Until then I’m good at 105. I accept me fully! My King accepts me fully, his hands are full and he lovez it. Stop allowing social media lies, your favorite plastic celebrity or your favorite Instagram model to cloud your thinking. Mind fking you into thinking they did squats instead of shots and surgery to attain their bodies which is pure lies. Know the truth, stop believing this crap. Stop now! Love and accept your whole self! Then work on yourself to get to where you wanna be with hard work and dedication. Nothing else! Not flat tummy tea or waist shapers nor pills or shakes. Pure werk!

📍Beyonce says: Tryna fix something but you can’t fix what you can’t see, it’s the soul that needs surgery. #prettyhurts📍
P.S.: No disrespect to those that get surgery, I personally just don’t choose to promote that. Health is wealth!😉
It’s a new week and that means a fresh start. A clean slate to trying again. New sunrise, new sunsets. Let’s make this week great. Happy Monday Luvs!✨

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