The other day something made me go through my followers list on Instagram. As I was scrolling down the list I happen to see people following me that really don’t follow me. Feel me?! Like for me, I follow people I have an interest in whether that be fashion, real estate, beauty, motivational or just people I know or know about that again “interest” me. 

I honestly don’t over stand people who follow you for no reason. Just lurking!😂 Now of course there’s a reason and the reason is they silly. Like one girl follows me who cursed me out before, others who I had a friendship with that ran it’s course or just people I know ex’s who follow me. Silly ish! Then you do all this following but don’t hit like as if that’s keeping you anonymous. Really!? 

So I’ve come to know now that these type of people continue to follow you because you’re just so damn dope and full of awesomeness that they couldn’t go a day without seeing you on they’re timeline. Well I say this, hey girl, bye girl.🙋🏽😗 Like for realz though I hear it’s to keep up with your doings. How you doing, what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with. Sad! I mean honestly I rather believe it’s the first one (because of your dope-ness), but if it’s the last one I guess that’s sad. I mean damn I’m good. I’m still rising! I’m still fly! I’m still little ole me. The cool one!😎 

Ladies, do you have people just following you who never hits like, and people you no longer have dealings with? I’m asking for a friend.😏

It’s Hump day, middle of this awesome week. Wishing you nothing short of amazing. Let me know who’s following you.



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