Recently I’ve ran across an Instagram post from a cool young lady that happens to also be a Yoga teacher. This post was about writing down on a piece of paper at least one good vibe that took place each week. Then placing it in any kind of container of your choice to keep and to reflect back on at any given time. Now this was not my first time seeing this, yet it was the first time it stuck to me, and enlightened me. I couldn’t wait to do it myself. 
So last week was my first week writing down my week’s good vibes. I chose last week to start because I had a bad experience with a family member and realized how good my life is outside of problematic people so I decided instead of focusing on this current situation let me begin my journey of collecting memories. So that’s what kicked off my journey. Instead of writing down one I did two. 

Now my reason for doing this is because a lot of times I don’t realize the blessings and good vibes that constantly flow in my life. So I figured every time I feel unsure, down or just out of flow, I could then reach into the jar and pull out some immediate good vibes, sweet memories that makes me smile and lifts me. Reminds me! I choose to write mines on sticky notes because they’re easy to fold and don’t take up too much space in the jar. 
Have you heard of this? Do it sound like something you’d be interested in doing? If so, good. If not,  why? That’s if you don’t mind sharing. It’s Saturday, I’m in good spirits, ready for what this day has to offer me. I’m flowing! Wishing you a great weekend lovez. 



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