What’s up on this beautiful rainy Monday! Yeah, it’s raining in the A-T-L today and as of late. I feel it’s the old situations and bad vibes being washed away bringing in new energy, new opportunities, new blessings, new ideas, new thoughts, just good ole “new-ness” all over. Ase! Other than my hair being freshly washed and straightened I have no issue with this good rain right now.

Monday is a day that I have dread and despise for so long. I have been so over Monday’s and the thought of it. Until most recent I decided to beam in on my why’s for disliking Mondays. There it was, a clear over standing that it wasn’t Mondays that I’d been dreading, instead it’s been how I’ve been spending my Monday’s. I’ve been spending time doing works that have not been works of my own interest. Going to a job I no longer had not one interest in. Not allowing my wings to spread has been my reason for disliking Monday. 

 Monday has never done me bad so it’s only fair I do better. So I promise from now on to never allow myself to do anything that doesn’t feed my interest, bring me satisfaction or add happiness to my life. It’s not the way life should ever be experienced. So I’m done hating on Monday’s. I now know that when I get to see Monday full of life, breathing and able, I should bow in the presence, give thanks and shine bright like a diamond and make sure to encourage those around me to do the same. 

Monday represents a “fresh start” to me, the chance to start something new, or start something period. Saying all this to say, I have a new love and respect for Monday’s. Can’t wait to enjoy many more doing the things that I love. Good bye to Monday blues there’s no place here for you any more. Deuces!

 I hope your Monday is going well thus far. If you’re in Atlanta, I hope you are staying dry. Everyday is beautiful and a gift, that’s why they call it the present.

Happy Monday Luvz!


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