Today as I was getting dressed bae was coming into the house laughing. I’m looking at him all crazy like damn what got you smiling and laughing so? He’s like bae why our son got mail coming now. I’m like what?! So he gives it to me and at that very moment reality hit me. My four year old turns five in July then school begins the last day of his bEarth day month. I immediately got a small dose of anxiety. Like, damn man, I’m so not ready for this yet. I see so much go on at theses schools that it seems it’s not many real caring village minded teachers anymore. That saddens me a lot. I mean don’t get me wrong there are plenty of great amazing outstanding caring teachers of course. I see many on social media and in my kids schools. However not many exist anymore. Many parents know this to be true, teachers too. 

I just wish I was a mother that could drop things to teach my baby at home at least until he’s in about fourth grade. He’s still so fragile to me. Sweet face and innocent nerve wrecking but still mommy’s baby so it’s cool. I know other moms reading this can agree to how I feel. We’ve all been here if we have kids. I have cried at all my boys first weeks or so. I mean you get pass the crying only to miss them so much that you’re waiting for the time to zoom by for them to get home only to ask them about their day. Eight hours away from home at his age and he’s not with granny or uncle is just a bit too much, right?. So that mail took me on a roller coaster ride. As you can see! 

I got it together and just calmed myself down said a prayer as I always do to get pass difficult moments. I’m okay with the school my sister helped me choose. He will be attending one of the Kindezi charter schools this year. Parents if you have a child currently attending a Kindezi school, please share what you think about the school. My oldest attended a charter school before and I loved everything about it except the amount of homework a child gets, daily. I felt it was way too much. When you begin homework at home after school and you aren’t done by bed time some times, that’s a shame. We got through it but sheesh. I’m ready for this new year with my stinky.  I’m low-key happy for him. #pettymom I can’t wait to see him in his little uniform though. Lmbo! That’s gonna be too cute. I feel the tears already! 

Looks like Atlanta is gonna get some rain at some point today. I’m here for it! Guess I’ll get comfy for the game coming on soon. Bae is ready for Lebron and his team to knock out GSW. What about you?

I hope your Thursday has been great thus far. See you back here soon. Happy Thursday! 

#currentlylisteningto Kenzo – So Good

Peace Love & Light


One thought on “NEW MAIL WHO DIS?

  1. I’m right there where you are!! Ugh, I’ll be able to soon or at least be able to put him in a school that I want to where there’s no nonsense, they’re learning different languages, eating and growing healthy foods and learning about real life as well as a higher level curriculum as far as academics EARLY! Lol yes! Yes! So I completely feel you, but we must do what we gotta do in the meantime… Oh and GSW! ✨

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