Watching my boys learn and laugh during our recent vacation really made my heart smile. They wanted to go to a cabin or house where they could swim all day in a private pool. So that’s where we went. We did a pool house in Florida for a week. 

Now before going they didn’t really feel comfortable with the water. They’d been to  swimming pools but couldn’t swim or doggy paddle, float or even go under water. My teen could go under water holding his nose, but that’s it. So during our stay Lam and I taught them as well as got them comfortable with going under water but now my 9 and 13 year old can hit flips in the water and the 13 year old can even go under water as well as swim under water without holding his nose. Tink was just chilling and bouncing around in the water. He wasn’t ready for all that other stuff. Lol

This may not sound like a lot but to us it’s big. I’m so happy for them. I stayed smiling from their joy. When I tell motherhood is so rewarding, it really is. Creating memories that bring joy and last forever. I’m so grateful every time I can teach them something new, take them on vacation and see them smile and laugh. It makes my heart smile.

Currently I’m listening to some tunes on my Youtube playlist. I’m trying to decide what lipstick to wear. It’s the middle of the week. I hope this post finds you well. Happy Wednesday! 

Peace Love & Light



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