Cheers to the “freakin weekend”

It’s here, the end of another great week. I wanted to end this week by saying that there are two sides to every story in less the story only includes one person. A lot of times people get caught up in only one side to a story when in fact each person involved has a story to tell. Yet there is still only one truth. That’s why it’s very important to know both sides before you can figure out exactly which one is more accurate. I’ve learned that a lot of people tell the story to make themselves look good. They leave out the bad role they may have played in the story.

As a spiritual being I see the truth even when it’s not being made clear. Often times people’s demeanor vibes and even their conversations tell more truth than their mouth. Be careful who you’re listening to. Many people aren’t who they say they are. The stories they tell aren’t to be believed. I personally try not to be involved with these type of people.   

Any who, I’ve been using this hand made scented shea butter that a co-worker from my old job made. I’ve never used a handmade product that was literally made in someone kitchen. However, I did look on You Tube to see how it’s done and I’m thinking about doing the same myself. I love creating! I also love lotions, perfumes, and oils. Ya know those smell good products. I’ve recently seen how to make them so I plan to try it out on my own, in my own kitchen. I wanna see what I can come up with. The smells, the feeling on my skin. Plus, knowing that I won’t have to ever purchase these types of products again (in less I want to) sounds great. Not to mention they can be sold which sounds even damn better. I’ll be sure to share here first when I create my first product.

So what are your plans for the weekend? Me, I’m gonna do a cemetery visit, attend a school orientation and I’m also invited to a yard party. I plan to have a nice relaxing informative weekend. I’m hoping that you have a nice weekend too. Be safe and stay prayed up. Happy Friday!

Peace Love & Light





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