Good day to you,

This week we kiss July 2017 goodbye mostly. This too, is the last week that many of our kids get to enjoy Summer school vacation. My boys all go back next week. Sooo! Not ready! I enjoy my boys being out of school. I’m really not ready for my little Tink to start school. At all. Funny how it never gets easy sending your child off to school (new territory). Ya know?! See when I was younger we stayed out for Summer break until mid August. Nowadays no so much, but it’s all good either way. 


Any who the time is here, next week I’ll be wiping tears of joy and temporary sadness away from my face. Walking off, driving away, counting down the minutes until it’s time to pick him back up. That’ll last a good week or so I guess. So yeah, I’m currently looking forward to that. 


This week will be busy, getting my boys ready for school, getting rules reestablished at home because they change during the Summer break and the active school year and shopping. Not to mention getting myself in formation. Hell I was on Summer break too.


This is the fire under my ass week for sure. I’ll have it all on point by next week though. Trust it! Okay so enough about me, what about you, are you in order for back to school? I know different kids start different time depending on the areas we live in. 


I wish you an awesome blessed productive yet relaxing week ahead. Don’t forget to live laugh and love. Enjoy this last week of Summer for the kids, those in areas like mines. Happy Monday Luvz! 



Peace Love & Light 




So ladies, have you ever felt like you’re not doing enough? Well I do often. I mean I know as a mother we have to stay on go. Yet as the woman of our households we tend to be the glue that holds it all together. Not much gets done properly without us doing it. Right?! But, at the same time do you ever feel like you need permission to just not give a fuk? If only for a day, here and there.

When I resigned from my previous job this pass May I was unsure of taking time off. Why though? Maybe because society nowadays say you suppose to just work, work, work. Society says you don’t sleep in less you’re dead or retired. Or wealthy! Well, I’m not either one yet, but I finally gave myself permission. Permission to really take this time off for the Summer like I’d planned. To really do nothing if I choose to. So fast forward to last week, when I stayed in bed all morning until afternoon. Got up got myself cleaned up, cooked something simple, then went to my sofa to watch Netflix while writing out my business plan in my journal. Sipping on some peach Moscato. Oh, the life.

When I say I didn’t do much of anything. I didn’t. It felt so damn good too. I just enjoyed my day. I meditated, stretched, lit my candles, burned some sage and did absolutely nothing. However, I did rest well, enjoyed a documentary I’d been meaning to watch and jotted down some things I’d been putting off doing. I even gave myself a mani and pedi. Foot spa included. 

All in all, be sure to grant yourself permission. Permission to be free of your daily duties. Even if it’s just one day. Duties include laundry, work, social media, cooking, cleaning, doing your hair, makeup, sucking in, just whatever it is you feel you wanna drop for a solid 24 hours. It will recharge your battery for you to go even harder. Most of all it will recharge your body and your mind. Something we can all use often.

Ladies, taking a day to just smile, laugh, relax and do nothing won’t harm your business or future endeavors. Or your life period. You are allowed to relax, you are allowed to watch Netflix all day. You are allowed to drop adult-ing for a day. You do so much daily it’s okay to take a break to just breathe and be. 

So when was the last time you gave yourself permission? 

It’s the weekend, let’s relax, drink plenty water (note to self), sip some sweet red wine and enjoy this weekend. I hope your Friday is a fabulous one. 



Peace Love & Light 





Good Morning,

Today I wanted to touch on “Co-Parenting” a little bit. If you don’t know that’s when two adults create and give life to a child. The relationship end up not working for whatever reason resulting in the need to “Co-Parent”. 

For me “Co-Parenting has been pretty good. We respect one another, keep our son’s needs first and come thru as parents how and when we’re suppose too. Now I do know that’s not the case for many. Hell sometimes breaks ups be so damn sour that it creates tension between both parties. Even hate for some. Which then makes it hard to create an exemplary and positive respectable “Co-Parenting” relationship/situation for the kids. This can’t happen. Some how, some way it has to be made easy. Think about the kids. Take emotions out of the equation replace them with “parental” maturity. Yeah, I made that one up.😩 I’m sure you get it though, it’s pretty self explanatory. Keep the kids in mind always in all ways and what’s best for them. Them only!

You’ll then realize that is definitely for both of their parents to get along. Respectfully. Now, I’m not saying it won’t be hard I just know it’s necessary. Grow through past situations and blossom from them. Always be an adult about things. Especially things dealing with kids. Set an example. 

So if you know a thing or two about “Co-Parenting” let me know your take. How’s your “CP” relationship going? Let’s chat. I’m here for it. Thoughts?🤔

I hope you have a productive, positively, free flowing Wednesday. Wishing you a great hump day. 



Peace Love & Light 





Five years ago I was still fresh in my newly committed relationship. My very first grown woman big girl draws relationship. Nothing like the relationships I’d been in before. It was different. It felt different. It was different. To this day it still is different. See I had to learn how to love, the right way. Learn how to be loved the right way. Learn how to be in a honest committed loving relationship. Seriously. It grew me up alot! In more ways that I knew it would. 

So on this day five years ago I gave bEarth to my fourth son. Lamarion! Yayyy! With the love of my life Lamar. This bearth/son has taught me thee most. Oh how much I’ve grown from giving bEarth the first time at 17 years old not knowing what the hell I had gotten myself into. To giving bEarth at 30 years old, being much more in tuned, ready, experienced, no fear instead anxiousness and excitement. Just overall sure and prepared. 

I’m so blessed to have four intelligent boys. No matter how much I grow I never can out grow loving them. Praying over them constantly. Teaching them the necessities! Watching them grow is my honor. I’m so thankful to wish my little intelligent sweet face Cool Kid a Happiest Bearth Day today.🎉🎈 

7/17 was the day we welcome this little stinky with open arms. 5 years old never looked so handsome. HBD!!💫

Guess I have to be an extra Servant of his today. Mommy duties never end.

Wishing you a great week ahead. I hope this Monday finds you well. New week, new blessings. Today is the day our creator has made “Let’s rejoice and be glad in it”.
Peace Love & Light


Beauty boxes has been my go to for trying new beauty products. I honestly haven’t been buying any new beauty products the way that I used to. I’ve been subscribed to a few beauty boxes like Birch box, Cocotique, Ipsy as well as Walmart. Now out of all of the beauty boxes I just named, Walmart is the only one that doesn’t send you a box every month. They deliver you one box each season, so that’s 4 times a year. Also out of all the boxes I just named Walmart is the most inexpensive subscription at only $5.

I like beauty boxes a lot. I’ve also ended up with so much stuff that I don’t use. So I decided to take a break from them until I use up the many samples I already have. However, if you’re the type that would like to experience the beauty box subscriptions I suggest that you do your research to find out what type of subscription you’re interested in regarding price and product offers. Sign up wait receive and voila your products have arrived. Plus you’re able to personalize your beauty box profile making sure that your samples are packaged with you in mind. I love that part!

 So as you can see not bad for just $5 each. This is the only box I’m still receiving. 

Are you currently receiving any monthly box subscriptions? If so, what company and why?

I hope this week has been good to you. Happy Thursday!💫
Peace Love & Light 


If you follow my blog then you know that I’m a fan of beauty boxes. For those of you who is unfamiliar with what a beauty box is. They are boxes of beauty samples or full size products that you can subscribe to and receive monthly. The will be sent straight to your door. Or should I say mailbox. 

So this week I decided to try out a sample product I received in my new Walmart beauty box. It’s a shampoo and conditioner by PANTENE Pro-V. It’s their daily moisture renewal rehydration Dream Care line. I’ve never used their products. So this was my first time. 

I first noticed the smell as it smells very good. I mean a fruity floral sweet smelling scent. Something I’d love as a candle scent. I used both products and they felt great. The shampoo really got my hair squeaky clean. Similar to the feel I get when using my tea tree shampoo. The conditioner smells good and it had my hair feeling soft and silky. I love when products don’t bother my hair in any way. Altering my natural texture and feel. So overall, this duo did me well. Leaving my hair soft and smelling good is definitely a plus.

Now I can’t say that I’ll buy these products myself. Only because I try to buy hair products that cater specifically to women of color. However they seem to do a good job. I have about two more uses of my sample products so that’s another two weeks or four weeks of use depending on whether I wash every week or bi-weekly. Either way I get to enjoy theses good smelling products a few more times. All goodz!

Anywho, have you ever tried these products particularly? Any PANTENE products? If so what are your thoughts? 



I hope this week shines a new light on you. Sending new blessings that you’ve been waiting on and endings you’ve been looking forward to. Happy Monday Luvz!💫

I’m allowing my hair to air dry before styling it. I’m unsure if I want it straight or twisted. Decisions, decisions!🤔


Peace Love & Light 





I hope you all enjoyed your holiday for those who celebrate. Those that don’t, I hope you at least enjoyed the fireworks that your surrounding neighbors took part in. I personally don’t celebrate the holiday other than with fireworks. However, recently over the last few years my mom throws a backyard party at her house with tents, music, food, family and cards being played as well as laughter and just overall fun.✨

On another note, I’ve been trying to hear the whole 4:44 album. However I’m reading it on IG everyday. So far I’ve heard Kill Jay Z and the O.J. song in it’s entirety. The other songs I’ve only heard in pieces. All I know is everybody on IG seems to be living it. Umm, all I can say is if it takes Jay Z to teach the people listening about valuing love and family, build your credit up and create wealth. Hey I’m all for it. I’ve been a Jay fan since a youngin. He’s been giving us good music. Yet, in my opinion this is not his best body of work. However many may listen only a few will learn and apply the game he trying to give for $9.99. Have you heard the album? What do you think about it?🤔

Yesterday I realized that no matter how close you are to a person, certain conversations and topics are just off limits. I also realize that when you aren’t on the same page as someone they consider you a problem. Only because you see things differently. I also realized that just because you’re grown doesn’t mean you know how to always act grown. Mainly in touchy situations. I also realize that after a certain age and stage in life, your main family is your own family (you, your significant other and your children) outside of that all others are considered extended. I know it may sound mean but it’s the truth. Family isn’t valued as family anymore. Many families are so disconnected nowadays for some of the silliest reasons. Sad yet truth! I’m not complaining but I will say this, I always prayed for my very own family, I now have that so I’m okay with however things are.💁🏽

Wishing you a hump day full of good vibes. Happy Wednesday Luvz!

Peace Love & Light