It has now been 32 days since I left corporate. I must say that I am so grateful I made the decision to do so. I’m even more grateful that my household was in enough order that it allowed me to do so. 

Now 30 days later I’m in such a calm place. I have purged away the bad vibes that came with working in corporate. I’ve also reflected on all the good times I’d had over those years. I learned so much during my time there allowing me to be a much better person and professional in my future endeavors. I am happy, much happier than I’ve been in years. See I begin to not like how I was spending the early part of my week days. Which is what led me to letting it go. Closing that chapter!

So I’m currently enjoying this Summer off, spending my days the way I choose to. Attending school, vibrating higher, blooming, minding my business and staying sucker free.😂 No, but seriously I’m smiling everyday, flowing not forcing while spending time with the people I tribe with. I’m also working, gaining the knowledge needed to grow into a new level of my life. 

Bringing this post to a close, I’d like to say that reconnecting with my inner self, valuing myself more, listening to myself more. I now refuse to do anything else work related that doesn’t excite me, interest me or grow me. I refuse to trade my precious time in everyday to do something that doesn’t add to my life. No, not for money either. I’m not moved by money like that I’d much rather spend my time happy and excited about whatever it is that I’m doing. Collecting coins too! So it’s time to put my ideas to work. Creating the life I want to live that excites me, allows me to inspire, grows me as well as pays me well and fulfills me. All while providing me with the freedom to create my own work schedule and duties. I’m so here for that!📌

A new week filled with new blessings is here. Feel it! I hope July be so good to you. To me! I’m so ready for the new blessings this week will bring. As well as this new month. I’m sure it’s packed with new opportunities and blessings just for me. For you. I’m claiming it now!💫 Happy Monday! 



Peace Love & Light 



Watching my boys learn and laugh during our recent vacation really made my heart smile. They wanted to go to a cabin or house where they could swim all day in a private pool. So that’s where we went. We did a pool house in Florida for a week. 

Now before going they didn’t really feel comfortable with the water. They’d been to  swimming pools but couldn’t swim or doggy paddle, float or even go under water. My teen could go under water holding his nose, but that’s it. So during our stay Lam and I taught them as well as got them comfortable with going under water but now my 9 and 13 year old can hit flips in the water and the 13 year old can even go under water as well as swim under water without holding his nose. Tink was just chilling and bouncing around in the water. He wasn’t ready for all that other stuff. Lol

This may not sound like a lot but to us it’s big. I’m so happy for them. I stayed smiling from their joy. When I tell motherhood is so rewarding, it really is. Creating memories that bring joy and last forever. I’m so grateful every time I can teach them something new, take them on vacation and see them smile and laugh. It makes my heart smile.

Currently I’m listening to some tunes on my Youtube playlist. I’m trying to decide what lipstick to wear. It’s the middle of the week. I hope this post finds you well. Happy Wednesday! 

Peace Love & Light




What’s up on this beautiful rainy Monday! Yeah, it’s raining in the A-T-L today and as of late. I feel it’s the old situations and bad vibes being washed away bringing in new energy, new opportunities, new blessings, new ideas, new thoughts, just good ole “new-ness” all over. Ase! Other than my hair being freshly washed and straightened I have no issue with this good rain right now.

Monday is a day that I have dread and despise for so long. I have been so over Monday’s and the thought of it. Until most recent I decided to beam in on my why’s for disliking Mondays. There it was, a clear over standing that it wasn’t Mondays that I’d been dreading, instead it’s been how I’ve been spending my Monday’s. I’ve been spending time doing works that have not been works of my own interest. Going to a job I no longer had not one interest in. Not allowing my wings to spread has been my reason for disliking Monday. 

 Monday has never done me bad so it’s only fair I do better. So I promise from now on to never allow myself to do anything that doesn’t feed my interest, bring me satisfaction or add happiness to my life. It’s not the way life should ever be experienced. So I’m done hating on Monday’s. I now know that when I get to see Monday full of life, breathing and able, I should bow in the presence, give thanks and shine bright like a diamond and make sure to encourage those around me to do the same. 

Monday represents a “fresh start” to me, the chance to start something new, or start something period. Saying all this to say, I have a new love and respect for Monday’s. Can’t wait to enjoy many more doing the things that I love. Good bye to Monday blues there’s no place here for you any more. Deuces!

 I hope your Monday is going well thus far. If you’re in Atlanta, I hope you are staying dry. Everyday is beautiful and a gift, that’s why they call it the present.

Happy Monday Luvz!



Recently I’ve ran across an Instagram post from a cool young lady that happens to also be a Yoga teacher. This post was about writing down on a piece of paper at least one good vibe that took place each week. Then placing it in any kind of container of your choice to keep and to reflect back on at any given time. Now this was not my first time seeing this, yet it was the first time it stuck to me, and enlightened me. I couldn’t wait to do it myself. 
So last week was my first week writing down my week’s good vibes. I chose last week to start because I had a bad experience with a family member and realized how good my life is outside of problematic people so I decided instead of focusing on this current situation let me begin my journey of collecting memories. So that’s what kicked off my journey. Instead of writing down one I did two. 

Now my reason for doing this is because a lot of times I don’t realize the blessings and good vibes that constantly flow in my life. So I figured every time I feel unsure, down or just out of flow, I could then reach into the jar and pull out some immediate good vibes, sweet memories that makes me smile and lifts me. Reminds me! I choose to write mines on sticky notes because they’re easy to fold and don’t take up too much space in the jar. 
Have you heard of this? Do it sound like something you’d be interested in doing? If so, good. If not,  why? That’s if you don’t mind sharing. It’s Saturday, I’m in good spirits, ready for what this day has to offer me. I’m flowing! Wishing you a great weekend lovez. 




This year I choose to do more of what I love. Do more of what brings joy to my life, things that creates peace more happiness and pique my interest. So I’m doing more. More networking, more relationship building, my teaching, more listening, more yoga, more planting, more lashing, more out-door-ing, more creating and most of all more growing. 
This year I chose to stop fueling someone else’s vision and hell, work on just what my own sight been seeing, my own vision. I’m ready to be doing something that I really enjoy and love doing. So I’m going to cater to my vision. I’m building! From nothing too. I’m preparing to live outside of my current norm. I’m planting this season so I can reap by the next. Ya know?!! 

I’ve learned that when it’s time for you to grow and you avoid doing so. You only make you (the disobedient one) more uncomfortable and more miserable. If we can just change one thing we do daily that stresses us and fill that time with something that will bring joy and interest, we will then be illuminating that which no longer serve us, which then, creates more hapiness more growth, more reasons to be more proud of you (the smart one).

What are you choosing this year? What exactly have you changed about your norm? I hope this Monday is being good to you. So far, so good for me.✨

Happy Spring!🌹🌞

Peace Love & Light 



So I know it’s been a while and I have not been posting but I’ve been literally going in circles mentally. Getting my chakras in order. Clearing my head space. Shedding! See I am not on my proper path business or career oriented. Yet I want to be. It’s all been due to me neglecting me. Neglecting the process and not applying myself. I’ve been over thinking and not doing. I told myself in 2016 that this year I was going to do some things that not every one around me will agree with. I told myself that I was gonna really go after some of my personal endeavors. Now I’m not sure if every thing that I want to do will blossom like my living room plants have, but I’m most certainly willing and ready to give them a try. I just know that by the end of this year I will be thankful that I listened to that inner voice in my head. Ya know!!

I keep seeing this particular meme that says something to the tune of if you want new results you can’t keep doing old shxt expecting to get new results. So I am leaving my comfort zone that can’t give me the new results I’m looking for. I’ve learned the comfort zone can leave us un-full-filled or at least un-attained, un-stretched. Our comfort zone provides us with things we are used to verses a challenge that can expose us to bigger new and better if we allowed ourselves to just step outside of that comfortable ass box. This is my year to explore what’s outside of that box. I feel good about the seeds that are being planted. I’m trying to do new things, ya know things that’ll open my eyes inspire me and broaden my network. As well as to help me grow more in business and entrepreneurship. Yasss!💅

So far 2017 is being good to me. I’ll continue walking by faith and not by sight. Ya know, allow the Most High to order my steps. I am very unsure of this new journey, but hey, I Am So Here For It. 

I hope your Monday was great to you. I hope your Tuesday be even better. 😚

Peace Love & Light