So ladies, have you ever felt like you’re not doing enough? Well I do often. I mean I know as a mother we have to stay on go. Yet as the woman of our households we tend to be the glue that holds it all together. Not much gets done properly without us doing it. Right?! But, at the same time do you ever feel like you need permission to just not give a fuk? If only for a day, here and there.

When I resigned from my previous job this pass May I was unsure of taking time off. Why though? Maybe because society nowadays say you suppose to just work, work, work. Society says you don’t sleep in less you’re dead or retired. Or wealthy! Well, I’m not either one yet, but I finally gave myself permission. Permission to really take this time off for the Summer like I’d planned. To really do nothing if I choose to. So fast forward to last week, when I stayed in bed all morning until afternoon. Got up got myself cleaned up, cooked something simple, then went to my sofa to watch Netflix while writing out my business plan in my journal. Sipping on some peach Moscato. Oh, the life.

When I say I didn’t do much of anything. I didn’t. It felt so damn good too. I just enjoyed my day. I meditated, stretched, lit my candles, burned some sage and did absolutely nothing. However, I did rest well, enjoyed a documentary I’d been meaning to watch and jotted down some things I’d been putting off doing. I even gave myself a mani and pedi. Foot spa included. 

All in all, be sure to grant yourself permission. Permission to be free of your daily duties. Even if it’s just one day. Duties include laundry, work, social media, cooking, cleaning, doing your hair, makeup, sucking in, just whatever it is you feel you wanna drop for a solid 24 hours. It will recharge your battery for you to go even harder. Most of all it will recharge your body and your mind. Something we can all use often.

Ladies, taking a day to just smile, laugh, relax and do nothing won’t harm your business or future endeavors. Or your life period. You are allowed to relax, you are allowed to watch Netflix all day. You are allowed to drop adult-ing for a day. You do so much daily it’s okay to take a break to just breathe and be. 

So when was the last time you gave yourself permission? 

It’s the weekend, let’s relax, drink plenty water (note to self), sip some sweet red wine and enjoy this weekend. I hope your Friday is a fabulous one. 



Peace Love & Light 





Cheers to the “freakin weekend”

It’s here, the end of another great week. I wanted to end this week by saying that there are two sides to every story in less the story only includes one person. A lot of times people get caught up in only one side to a story when in fact each person involved has a story to tell. Yet there is still only one truth. That’s why it’s very important to know both sides before you can figure out exactly which one is more accurate. I’ve learned that a lot of people tell the story to make themselves look good. They leave out the bad role they may have played in the story.

As a spiritual being I see the truth even when it’s not being made clear. Often times people’s demeanor vibes and even their conversations tell more truth than their mouth. Be careful who you’re listening to. Many people aren’t who they say they are. The stories they tell aren’t to be believed. I personally try not to be involved with these type of people.   

Any who, I’ve been using this hand made scented shea butter that a co-worker from my old job made. I’ve never used a handmade product that was literally made in someone kitchen. However, I did look on You Tube to see how it’s done and I’m thinking about doing the same myself. I love creating! I also love lotions, perfumes, and oils. Ya know those smell good products. I’ve recently seen how to make them so I plan to try it out on my own, in my own kitchen. I wanna see what I can come up with. The smells, the feeling on my skin. Plus, knowing that I won’t have to ever purchase these types of products again (in less I want to) sounds great. Not to mention they can be sold which sounds even damn better. I’ll be sure to share here first when I create my first product.

So what are your plans for the weekend? Me, I’m gonna do a cemetery visit, attend a school orientation and I’m also invited to a yard party. I plan to have a nice relaxing informative weekend. I’m hoping that you have a nice weekend too. Be safe and stay prayed up. Happy Friday!

Peace Love & Light





The other day something made me go through my followers list on Instagram. As I was scrolling down the list I happen to see people following me that really don’t follow me. Feel me?! Like for me, I follow people I have an interest in whether that be fashion, real estate, beauty, motivational or just people I know or know about that again “interest” me. 

I honestly don’t over stand people who follow you for no reason. Just lurking!😂 Now of course there’s a reason and the reason is they silly. Like one girl follows me who cursed me out before, others who I had a friendship with that ran it’s course or just people I know ex’s who follow me. Silly ish! Then you do all this following but don’t hit like as if that’s keeping you anonymous. Really!? 

So I’ve come to know now that these type of people continue to follow you because you’re just so damn dope and full of awesomeness that they couldn’t go a day without seeing you on they’re timeline. Well I say this, hey girl, bye girl.🙋🏽😗 Like for realz though I hear it’s to keep up with your doings. How you doing, what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with. Sad! I mean honestly I rather believe it’s the first one (because of your dope-ness), but if it’s the last one I guess that’s sad. I mean damn I’m good. I’m still rising! I’m still fly! I’m still little ole me. The cool one!😎 

Ladies, do you have people just following you who never hits like, and people you no longer have dealings with? I’m asking for a friend.😏

It’s Hump day, middle of this awesome week. Wishing you nothing short of amazing. Let me know who’s following you.




Change is good, and it’s necessary. I see these memes a lot on social media that speak a lot about growing and elevating to the next level. They talk about how one must be ready and willing to leave behind a few old people and old situations before they can elevate to the next level. Memes that talk about how change is inevitable. I now know that when it’s time to change, life will make you so very uncomfortable. 

Uncomfortable enough that you will have to remove yourself from that which no longer serves you well. Whether it be in your relationships, environments as well as other areas in your life. Things that no longer add to your happiness should not be apart of your life. 

Life is about changing, growing and getting better. Those you start with may not be at the finish line with you. It’s life! Things change. People change. Feelings change. Business change. Situations change. 
I now promise myself to always separate from anything and anyone that drains me or causes me to act or feel off my vibes. Anywho!

Speaking of change this week makes 3 more weeks left before my journey changes. I’m so excited, anxious and very grateful. I wish you an amazing week ahead. I hope this week brings you new opportunities and blessing that you’ve been waiting for. Happy Monday Luvs!




As you may already know today is the first day of May and I must say that the weather has been pretty nice. I know that I’ve been missing from my blog for a while but you know what, I have so much I am trying to figure out and focus on that I have not allowed myself to make time for blogging. I haven’t been writing the way I usually do or like to either. So I decided to stop all of that today. This month is the beginning of Summer for the kids as they will be getting out of school for their Summer break. My friend has a son that is graduating college in about a week and I am invited to party with them. My second son turns fourteen this month which I am very thankful for. He also finishes his last year of middle school this month. So off to high school he goes in August. Whoop!

I look forward to all of these things that are due to take place this month. I hope you too have a lot to look forward to this month. Today marks my last days as a corporate employee. I have been in the corporate world at my current job now for a little under ten years. So yes, I am so glad to say that I am finally leaving it all behind to do more of what interest me. I’ve nurtured someone else’s dream and business for so long that it’s time to start working on my own. It’s time to start doing me, mind body and soul.

May is already treating me well. So many blessings are coming to me in May. So many new opportunities as well. And. I am here for them all. 

I hope that this blog post finds you well. I wish you a great month full of your hearts desires. I plan to stay more active with my blog instead of neglecting it as I’ve done lately. Thanks for reading and sticking around. Happy Monday Luvs!💋

Peace Love & Light