Good Morning to you! 

I hope you had a good ole relaxing weekend. I know mines was pretty hectic. Running around getting school supplies shoes and other things. This Monday is going to be a struggle for me. I’m not quite ready for my youngest to be in school yet. He’s still so precious. It’s the same way I felt about my older boys when they first started out. They still so delicate. I guess it’s a mommy thing I think. Moms, right!? 

See my kindergartener is starting school for the first time ever. He’s never had any type of schooling until now. Outside of me home schooling him simple pre-k type of information. I taught him at home just to make sure that when he start school he’ll be up on his basics. I’ve perpared him but not myself. Instead of taking your kids to class you have to “kiss and fly” as they call it at his school. Escorts to class aren’t premitted. So today I have a few errands to run and he’ll surely be on my mind thee whole entire time. 

My fourth grader is pretty nervous too. He attended his last school since kindergarten. This year he enters fourth grade in this new school. He say ma, I hope I make some friends and learn the school fast. I assured him that he’ll definitely do both. I bet him that he’ll know the school before this week is finished. I also told him he’ll leave school today with at least one or two friends. So I can’t wait to scoop them after school to hear all about their first day in their new school. I’m so anxious!😩

What are you dealing with this week? Any moms sending their kids to school for the first time? When do the schools in your district return? 

No matter what you have going on. I wish you the best week ever. I hope July treated you well and that you’re here for all the blessings that August is about to bring. Happy Monday!
Peace Love & Light 


Good day to you,

This week we kiss July 2017 goodbye mostly. This too, is the last week that many of our kids get to enjoy Summer school vacation. My boys all go back next week. Sooo! Not ready! I enjoy my boys being out of school. I’m really not ready for my little Tink to start school. At all. Funny how it never gets easy sending your child off to school (new territory). Ya know?! See when I was younger we stayed out for Summer break until mid August. Nowadays no so much, but it’s all good either way. 


Any who the time is here, next week I’ll be wiping tears of joy and temporary sadness away from my face. Walking off, driving away, counting down the minutes until it’s time to pick him back up. That’ll last a good week or so I guess. So yeah, I’m currently looking forward to that. 


This week will be busy, getting my boys ready for school, getting rules reestablished at home because they change during the Summer break and the active school year and shopping. Not to mention getting myself in formation. Hell I was on Summer break too.


This is the fire under my ass week for sure. I’ll have it all on point by next week though. Trust it! Okay so enough about me, what about you, are you in order for back to school? I know different kids start different time depending on the areas we live in. 


I wish you an awesome blessed productive yet relaxing week ahead. Don’t forget to live laugh and love. Enjoy this last week of Summer for the kids, those in areas like mines. Happy Monday Luvz! 



Peace Love & Light 




Good Morning,

Today I wanted to touch on “Co-Parenting” a little bit. If you don’t know that’s when two adults create and give life to a child. The relationship end up not working for whatever reason resulting in the need to “Co-Parent”. 

For me “Co-Parenting has been pretty good. We respect one another, keep our son’s needs first and come thru as parents how and when we’re suppose too. Now I do know that’s not the case for many. Hell sometimes breaks ups be so damn sour that it creates tension between both parties. Even hate for some. Which then makes it hard to create an exemplary and positive respectable “Co-Parenting” relationship/situation for the kids. This can’t happen. Some how, some way it has to be made easy. Think about the kids. Take emotions out of the equation replace them with “parental” maturity. Yeah, I made that one up.😩 I’m sure you get it though, it’s pretty self explanatory. Keep the kids in mind always in all ways and what’s best for them. Them only!

You’ll then realize that is definitely for both of their parents to get along. Respectfully. Now, I’m not saying it won’t be hard I just know it’s necessary. Grow through past situations and blossom from them. Always be an adult about things. Especially things dealing with kids. Set an example. 

So if you know a thing or two about “Co-Parenting” let me know your take. How’s your “CP” relationship going? Let’s chat. I’m here for it. Thoughts?🤔

I hope you have a productive, positively, free flowing Wednesday. Wishing you a great hump day. 



Peace Love & Light 





Five years ago I was still fresh in my newly committed relationship. My very first grown woman big girl draws relationship. Nothing like the relationships I’d been in before. It was different. It felt different. It was different. To this day it still is different. See I had to learn how to love, the right way. Learn how to be loved the right way. Learn how to be in a honest committed loving relationship. Seriously. It grew me up alot! In more ways that I knew it would. 

So on this day five years ago I gave bEarth to my fourth son. Lamarion! Yayyy! With the love of my life Lamar. This bearth/son has taught me thee most. Oh how much I’ve grown from giving bEarth the first time at 17 years old not knowing what the hell I had gotten myself into. To giving bEarth at 30 years old, being much more in tuned, ready, experienced, no fear instead anxiousness and excitement. Just overall sure and prepared. 

I’m so blessed to have four intelligent boys. No matter how much I grow I never can out grow loving them. Praying over them constantly. Teaching them the necessities! Watching them grow is my honor. I’m so thankful to wish my little intelligent sweet face Cool Kid a Happiest Bearth Day today.🎉🎈 

7/17 was the day we welcome this little stinky with open arms. 5 years old never looked so handsome. HBD!!💫

Guess I have to be an extra Servant of his today. Mommy duties never end.

Wishing you a great week ahead. I hope this Monday finds you well. New week, new blessings. Today is the day our creator has made “Let’s rejoice and be glad in it”.
Peace Love & Light


Watching my boys learn and laugh during our recent vacation really made my heart smile. They wanted to go to a cabin or house where they could swim all day in a private pool. So that’s where we went. We did a pool house in Florida for a week. 

Now before going they didn’t really feel comfortable with the water. They’d been to  swimming pools but couldn’t swim or doggy paddle, float or even go under water. My teen could go under water holding his nose, but that’s it. So during our stay Lam and I taught them as well as got them comfortable with going under water but now my 9 and 13 year old can hit flips in the water and the 13 year old can even go under water as well as swim under water without holding his nose. Tink was just chilling and bouncing around in the water. He wasn’t ready for all that other stuff. Lol

This may not sound like a lot but to us it’s big. I’m so happy for them. I stayed smiling from their joy. When I tell motherhood is so rewarding, it really is. Creating memories that bring joy and last forever. I’m so grateful every time I can teach them something new, take them on vacation and see them smile and laugh. It makes my heart smile.

Currently I’m listening to some tunes on my Youtube playlist. I’m trying to decide what lipstick to wear. It’s the middle of the week. I hope this post finds you well. Happy Wednesday! 

Peace Love & Light




Today as I was getting dressed bae was coming into the house laughing. I’m looking at him all crazy like damn what got you smiling and laughing so? He’s like bae why our son got mail coming now. I’m like what?! So he gives it to me and at that very moment reality hit me. My four year old turns five in July then school begins the last day of his bEarth day month. I immediately got a small dose of anxiety. Like, damn man, I’m so not ready for this yet. I see so much go on at theses schools that it seems it’s not many real caring village minded teachers anymore. That saddens me a lot. I mean don’t get me wrong there are plenty of great amazing outstanding caring teachers of course. I see many on social media and in my kids schools. However not many exist anymore. Many parents know this to be true, teachers too. 

I just wish I was a mother that could drop things to teach my baby at home at least until he’s in about fourth grade. He’s still so fragile to me. Sweet face and innocent nerve wrecking but still mommy’s baby so it’s cool. I know other moms reading this can agree to how I feel. We’ve all been here if we have kids. I have cried at all my boys first weeks or so. I mean you get pass the crying only to miss them so much that you’re waiting for the time to zoom by for them to get home only to ask them about their day. Eight hours away from home at his age and he’s not with granny or uncle is just a bit too much, right?. So that mail took me on a roller coaster ride. As you can see! 

I got it together and just calmed myself down said a prayer as I always do to get pass difficult moments. I’m okay with the school my sister helped me choose. He will be attending one of the Kindezi charter schools this year. Parents if you have a child currently attending a Kindezi school, please share what you think about the school. My oldest attended a charter school before and I loved everything about it except the amount of homework a child gets, daily. I felt it was way too much. When you begin homework at home after school and you aren’t done by bed time some times, that’s a shame. We got through it but sheesh. I’m ready for this new year with my stinky.  I’m low-key happy for him. #pettymom I can’t wait to see him in his little uniform though. Lmbo! That’s gonna be too cute. I feel the tears already! 

Looks like Atlanta is gonna get some rain at some point today. I’m here for it! Guess I’ll get comfy for the game coming on soon. Bae is ready for Lebron and his team to knock out GSW. What about you?

I hope your Thursday has been great thus far. See you back here soon. Happy Thursday! 

#currentlylisteningto Kenzo – So Good

Peace Love & Light



So this year the boys had a choice between Disney World in Orlando FL or a FL beach house to hang out in for Spring Break 2017. They chose good ole Tennessee mountains which I should have expected. I mean that place has fun on overload and they are so addicted. So we planned a nice fun getaway to the Tennessee cabins. So Tuesday we were packed and ready to kick start our family spring break-cation.


We stayed at Lookout Ridge with Jackson Mountain Homes cabin rentals. I of course looked for a cabin that offered a game room for the kids. So this cabin came with foosball, air hockey as well as a theater room with a 75 inch a bedroom and bathroom along with a deck and bar area all on the lower level of the cabin. I mean the boys were so entertained that we barely saw the rascals. They had all they needed plus more on the lower level. They couldn’t stop competing on the game or in air hockey and even the 4 year old can play air hockey. Seriously! I mean I couldn’t believe how good he was too. I haven’t even mentioned the hot tub on the second floor that kept them from missing out on a swimming pool which I tried to find but couldn’t for the time we were staying. They love water so the hot tub totally came in handy.


My boys, three out of four.😍


I guess they were sun bathing!🤗

Now the Pigeon Forge strip that is packed with fun over load was just the extra icing on their Spring Break-cation. They had loads of fun on the strip and even got to eat at their favorite buffet, Golden Corral which I happen to not care for but I had a great salad twice along with two fried pieces of chicken that were freshly fried when I’d arrived. They were stuffed after leaving there and ready to get back to the cabin.


Hold up now, the kids weren’t the only ones that enjoyed themselves. Duh! I mean Lam and I always make sure that we enjoy our stay too. We had the upper level which was a loft style as it looked over the second level. It came with an entertainment room with pool table which we like to play. Oh and that isn’t it either.


 I need to get better with playing pool. Lam on the other hand is great!

Our master suite consisted of a jacuzzi tub in the corner of the bedroom, a wrap around t.v. for a tub view while soaking along with a walk in bathroom. We couldn’t ask for more. However we also had a nice deck with two rocking chairs. We got to watch the sun rise and set from our deck. Great view and all that! So yes we had a great time too! When the kids were sleep the whole cabin became ours from the top to the bottom.😏 Shooting pool, hot tubing, playing cards, good drinks, good music and soaking in the Jacuzzi. That’s grown folk type of fun!

So just to sum up our Spring Break according to the boys. It was Lit!!! We had so much fun mama, we had three much fun.😂 Lam and I have to agree! It’s always a pleasure visiting the Tennessee mountains. We’re sure to be back soon.

What did you do for Spring Break? How did you enjoy yourself during the week. It’s still my born day month. I wish you the best week ever. Let’s conquer our weekly goals. Happy Monday!

Peace Love & Light