Good day to you,

This week we kiss July 2017 goodbye mostly. This too, is the last week that many of our kids get to enjoy Summer school vacation. My boys all go back next week. Sooo! Not ready! I enjoy my boys being out of school. I’m really not ready for my little Tink to start school. At all. Funny how it never gets easy sending your child off to school (new territory). Ya know?! See when I was younger we stayed out for Summer break until mid August. Nowadays no so much, but it’s all good either way. 


Any who the time is here, next week I’ll be wiping tears of joy and temporary sadness away from my face. Walking off, driving away, counting down the minutes until it’s time to pick him back up. That’ll last a good week or so I guess. So yeah, I’m currently looking forward to that. 


This week will be busy, getting my boys ready for school, getting rules reestablished at home because they change during the Summer break and the active school year and shopping. Not to mention getting myself in formation. Hell I was on Summer break too.


This is the fire under my ass week for sure. I’ll have it all on point by next week though. Trust it! Okay so enough about me, what about you, are you in order for back to school? I know different kids start different time depending on the areas we live in. 


I wish you an awesome blessed productive yet relaxing week ahead. Don’t forget to live laugh and love. Enjoy this last week of Summer for the kids, those in areas like mines. Happy Monday Luvz! 



Peace Love & Light 




I hope you all enjoyed your holiday for those who celebrate. Those that don’t, I hope you at least enjoyed the fireworks that your surrounding neighbors took part in. I personally don’t celebrate the holiday other than with fireworks. However, recently over the last few years my mom throws a backyard party at her house with tents, music, food, family and cards being played as well as laughter and just overall fun.✨

On another note, I’ve been trying to hear the whole 4:44 album. However I’m reading it on IG everyday. So far I’ve heard Kill Jay Z and the O.J. song in it’s entirety. The other songs I’ve only heard in pieces. All I know is everybody on IG seems to be living it. Umm, all I can say is if it takes Jay Z to teach the people listening about valuing love and family, build your credit up and create wealth. Hey I’m all for it. I’ve been a Jay fan since a youngin. He’s been giving us good music. Yet, in my opinion this is not his best body of work. However many may listen only a few will learn and apply the game he trying to give for $9.99. Have you heard the album? What do you think about it?🤔

Yesterday I realized that no matter how close you are to a person, certain conversations and topics are just off limits. I also realize that when you aren’t on the same page as someone they consider you a problem. Only because you see things differently. I also realized that just because you’re grown doesn’t mean you know how to always act grown. Mainly in touchy situations. I also realize that after a certain age and stage in life, your main family is your own family (you, your significant other and your children) outside of that all others are considered extended. I know it may sound mean but it’s the truth. Family isn’t valued as family anymore. Many families are so disconnected nowadays for some of the silliest reasons. Sad yet truth! I’m not complaining but I will say this, I always prayed for my very own family, I now have that so I’m okay with however things are.💁🏽

Wishing you a hump day full of good vibes. Happy Wednesday Luvz!

Peace Love & Light


It has now been 32 days since I left corporate. I must say that I am so grateful I made the decision to do so. I’m even more grateful that my household was in enough order that it allowed me to do so. 

Now 30 days later I’m in such a calm place. I have purged away the bad vibes that came with working in corporate. I’ve also reflected on all the good times I’d had over those years. I learned so much during my time there allowing me to be a much better person and professional in my future endeavors. I am happy, much happier than I’ve been in years. See I begin to not like how I was spending the early part of my week days. Which is what led me to letting it go. Closing that chapter!

So I’m currently enjoying this Summer off, spending my days the way I choose to. Attending school, vibrating higher, blooming, minding my business and staying sucker free.😂 No, but seriously I’m smiling everyday, flowing not forcing while spending time with the people I tribe with. I’m also working, gaining the knowledge needed to grow into a new level of my life. 

Bringing this post to a close, I’d like to say that reconnecting with my inner self, valuing myself more, listening to myself more. I now refuse to do anything else work related that doesn’t excite me, interest me or grow me. I refuse to trade my precious time in everyday to do something that doesn’t add to my life. No, not for money either. I’m not moved by money like that I’d much rather spend my time happy and excited about whatever it is that I’m doing. Collecting coins too! So it’s time to put my ideas to work. Creating the life I want to live that excites me, allows me to inspire, grows me as well as pays me well and fulfills me. All while providing me with the freedom to create my own work schedule and duties. I’m so here for that!📌

A new week filled with new blessings is here. Feel it! I hope July be so good to you. To me! I’m so ready for the new blessings this week will bring. As well as this new month. I’m sure it’s packed with new opportunities and blessings just for me. For you. I’m claiming it now!💫 Happy Monday! 



Peace Love & Light