It has now been 32 days since I left corporate. I must say that I am so grateful I made the decision to do so. I’m even more grateful that my household was in enough order that it allowed me to do so. 

Now 30 days later I’m in such a calm place. I have purged away the bad vibes that came with working in corporate. I’ve also reflected on all the good times I’d had over those years. I learned so much during my time there allowing me to be a much better person and professional in my future endeavors. I am happy, much happier than I’ve been in years. See I begin to not like how I was spending the early part of my week days. Which is what led me to letting it go. Closing that chapter!

So I’m currently enjoying this Summer off, spending my days the way I choose to. Attending school, vibrating higher, blooming, minding my business and staying sucker free.😂 No, but seriously I’m smiling everyday, flowing not forcing while spending time with the people I tribe with. I’m also working, gaining the knowledge needed to grow into a new level of my life. 

Bringing this post to a close, I’d like to say that reconnecting with my inner self, valuing myself more, listening to myself more. I now refuse to do anything else work related that doesn’t excite me, interest me or grow me. I refuse to trade my precious time in everyday to do something that doesn’t add to my life. No, not for money either. I’m not moved by money like that I’d much rather spend my time happy and excited about whatever it is that I’m doing. Collecting coins too! So it’s time to put my ideas to work. Creating the life I want to live that excites me, allows me to inspire, grows me as well as pays me well and fulfills me. All while providing me with the freedom to create my own work schedule and duties. I’m so here for that!📌

A new week filled with new blessings is here. Feel it! I hope July be so good to you. To me! I’m so ready for the new blessings this week will bring. As well as this new month. I’m sure it’s packed with new opportunities and blessings just for me. For you. I’m claiming it now!💫 Happy Monday! 



Peace Love & Light