Five years ago I was still fresh in my newly committed relationship. My very first grown woman big girl draws relationship. Nothing like the relationships I’d been in before. It was different. It felt different. It was different. To this day it still is different. See I had to learn how to love, the right way. Learn how to be loved the right way. Learn how to be in a honest committed loving relationship. Seriously. It grew me up alot! In more ways that I knew it would. 

So on this day five years ago I gave bEarth to my fourth son. Lamarion! Yayyy! With the love of my life Lamar. This bearth/son has taught me thee most. Oh how much I’ve grown from giving bEarth the first time at 17 years old not knowing what the hell I had gotten myself into. To giving bEarth at 30 years old, being much more in tuned, ready, experienced, no fear instead anxiousness and excitement. Just overall sure and prepared. 

I’m so blessed to have four intelligent boys. No matter how much I grow I never can out grow loving them. Praying over them constantly. Teaching them the necessities! Watching them grow is my honor. I’m so thankful to wish my little intelligent sweet face Cool Kid a Happiest Bearth Day today.๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽˆ 

7/17 was the day we welcome this little stinky with open arms. 5 years old never looked so handsome. HBD!!๐Ÿ’ซ

Guess I have to be an extra Servant of his today. Mommy duties never end.

Wishing you a great week ahead. I hope this Monday finds you well. New week, new blessings. Today is the day our creator has made “Let’s rejoice and be glad in it”.
Peace Love & Light


If you follow my blog then you know that I’m a fan of beauty boxes. For those of you who is unfamiliar with what a beauty box is. They are boxes of beauty samples or full size products that you can subscribe to and receive monthly. The will be sent straight to your door. Or should I say mailbox.ย 

So this week I decided to try out a sample product I received in my new Walmart beauty box. It’s a shampoo and conditioner by PANTENE Pro-V. It’s their daily moisture renewal rehydration Dream Care line. I’ve never used their products. So this was my first time.ย 

I first noticed the smell as it smells very good. I mean a fruity floral sweet smelling scent. Something I’d love as a candle scent. I used both products and they felt great. The shampoo really got my hair squeaky clean. Similar to the feel I get when using my tea tree shampoo. The conditioner smells good and it had my hair feeling soft and silky. I love when products don’t bother my hair in any way. Altering my natural texture and feel. So overall, this duo did me well. Leaving my hair soft and smelling good is definitely a plus.

Now I can’t say that I’ll buy these products myself. Only because I try to buy hair products that cater specifically to women of color. However they seem to do a good job. I have about two more uses of my sample products so that’s another two weeks or four weeks of use depending on whether I wash every week or bi-weekly. Either way I get to enjoy theses good smelling products a few more times. All goodz!

Anywho, have you ever tried these products particularly? Any PANTENE products? If so what are your thoughts?ย 



I hope this week shines a new light on you. Sending new blessings that you’ve been waiting on and endings you’ve been looking forward to. Happy Monday Luvz!๐Ÿ’ซ

I’m allowing my hair to air dry before styling it. I’m unsure if I want it straight or twisted. Decisions, decisions!๐Ÿค”


Peace Love & Lightย 





It has now been 32 days since I left corporate. I must say that I am so grateful I made the decision to do so. I’m even more grateful that my household was in enough order that it allowed me to do so.ย 

Now 30 days later I’m in such a calm place. I have purged away the bad vibes that came with working in corporate. I’ve also reflected on all the good times I’d had over those years. I learned so much during my time there allowing me to be a much better person and professional in my future endeavors. I am happy, much happier than I’ve been in years. See I begin to not like how I was spending the early part of my week days. Which is what led me to letting it go. Closing that chapter!

So I’m currently enjoying this Summer off, spending my days the way I choose to. Attending school, vibrating higher, blooming, minding my business and staying sucker free.๐Ÿ˜‚ No, but seriously I’m smiling everyday, flowing not forcing while spending time with the people I tribe with. I’m also working, gaining the knowledge needed to grow into a new level of my life.ย 

Bringing this post to a close, I’d like to say that reconnecting with my inner self, valuing myself more, listening to myself more. I now refuse to do anything else work related that doesn’t excite me, interest me or grow me. I refuse to trade my precious time in everyday to do something that doesn’t add to my life. No, not for money either. I’m not moved by money like that I’d much rather spend my time happy and excited about whatever it is that I’m doing. Collecting coins too! So it’s time to put my ideas to work. Creating the life I want to live that excites me, allows me to inspire, grows me as well as pays me well and fulfills me. All while providing me with the freedom to create my own work schedule and duties. I’m so here for that!๐Ÿ“Œ

A new week filled with new blessings is here. Feel it! I hope July be so good to you. To me! I’m so ready for the new blessings this week will bring. As well as this new month. I’m sure it’s packed with new opportunities and blessings just for me. For you. I’m claiming it now!๐Ÿ’ซ Happy Monday!ย 



Peace Love & Lightย 



As you may already know today is the first day of May and I must say that the weather has been pretty nice. I know that I’ve been missing from my blog for a while but you know what, I have so much I am trying to figure out and focus on that I have not allowed myself to make time for blogging. I haven’t been writing the way I usually do or like to either. So I decided to stop all of that today. This month is the beginning of Summer for the kids as they will be getting out of school for their Summer break. My friend has a son that is graduating college in about a week and I am invited to party with them. My second son turns fourteen this month which I am very thankful for. He also finishes his last year of middle school this month. So off to high school he goes in August. Whoop!

I look forward to all of these things that are due to take place this month. I hope you too have a lot to look forward to this month. Today marks my last days as a corporate employee. I have been in the corporate world at my current job now for a little under ten years. So yes, I am so glad to say that I am finally leaving it all behind to do more of what interest me. I’ve nurtured someone else’s dream and business for so long that it’s time to start working on my own. It’s time to start doing me, mind body and soul.

May is already treating me well. So many blessings are coming to me in May. So many new opportunities as well. And. I am here for them all. 

I hope that this blog post finds you well. I wish you a great month full of your hearts desires. I plan to stay more active with my blog instead of neglecting it as I’ve done lately. Thanks for reading and sticking around. Happy Monday Luvs!๐Ÿ’‹

Peace Love & Light



This year I choose to do more of what I love. Do more of what brings joy to my life, things that creates peace more happiness and pique my interest. So I’m doing more. More networking, more relationship building, my teaching, more listening, more yoga, more planting, more lashing, more out-door-ing, more creating and most of all more growing. 
This year I chose to stop fueling someone else’s vision and hell, work on just what my own sight been seeing, my own vision. I’m ready to be doing something that I really enjoy and love doing. So I’m going to cater to my vision. I’m building! From nothing too. I’m preparing to live outside of my current norm. I’m planting this season so I can reap by the next. Ya know?!! 

I’ve learned that when it’s time for you to grow and you avoid doing so. You only make you (the disobedient one) more uncomfortable and more miserable. If we can just change one thing we do daily that stresses us and fill that time with something that will bring joy and interest, we will then be illuminating that which no longer serve us, which then, creates more hapiness more growth, more reasons to be more proud of you (the smart one).

What are you choosing this year? What exactly have you changed about your norm? I hope this Monday is being good to you. So far, so good for me.โœจ

Happy Spring!๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒž

Peace Love & Light